Is Nvidia's Project Shield dead in the water?

At first glance, Nvidia's Project Shield seems like a nerd's dream come true: a handheld that can play Android games and stream PC games. After a bit of analysis, however, the very idea seems to be flawed. Here's why.

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decrypt1903d ago

It doesnt make sense, anyone wanting to play PC games will play them on the PC, no point streaming them.

Major handheld players like Nintendo and Sony are both having a tough time against smart phones which have infested the casuals.

Hence handhelds are a very tough market. I think Nvidia is running a fools errand.

They would be better of bringing their streaming tech to smart phones and providing bluetooth controller support for controllers like DS3.

Id bet many people would jump on board to buy such a software.

The possibility would be amazing if we could Stream games to our Smartphones then play them on a big TV via HDMI, play the game via controller.

LocutusEstBorg1903d ago

Shield has higher resolution output, much sharper graphics, and higher resolution textures than the PS3 and 360.

linkenski1903d ago

Android games are inferior to PS3 and Xbox gaes

FriedGoat1903d ago

but streaming looks like turd, You just wont have enough bandwidth to compete with playing a game directly, video compression and artifacts are apparent and sharpness is also effected. compare a bluray with netflix side by side and you'll know what I'm talking about. Streaming is not the future.

Kakkoii1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

@FriedGoat: Not true actually. Shield uses 2x2 Wireless N. This allows for around 300Mbps bandwidth. 1080p Blu-ray movies are encoded around 17Mbps, in some extreme cases 30Mbps, with no compression artifacts, lossless.

So this device can EASILY stream 1080p, multiple 1080p streams if it needed to (Although this device has a 720p screen... so there would be no point).

ninjahunter1903d ago

Eh not really, Most pc gamers have desktops crammed into a coroner of their room or office. Honestly, I dont want to be in my room whenever i want to game. Like in the morning when im cooking breakfast, I usually want something to do, or if were entertaining 3-4 people + my roommates ile want something to do because im shy. Or even sometimes if its cold out i wont want to get out of bed, or if its hot ile go sit on the porch.

And theres also the point, no one likes touch screens for real gaming, so why in good gravy would i stream to a phone? Not that its particularly possible seeing the amount of power required for such low latency gaming. At that point you might as well get a wireless HDMI port and wireless 360 controller. If you want to just game on a different screen.

Nvidia isnt stupid, they double hardware performance each year, reduce voltages, reduce heat and give expect-able prices. And im sure their aware that shield doesnt apply to everyone, but honestly, it turns your PC in to a handheld and a console, and thats a big deal for a very large demographic. "how do we make PC gaming more accessible for non PC gamers?"

koehler831903d ago

My concern with Shield is its inherent necessity of a powerful Nvidia based platform. That's a subset of a subset of the market. Not exactly an explosive business proposition. I don't know what Shield will cost, but I have a ballpark of the cost of the machine needed to make best use of it. That's a ground-up investment I'm not personally willing to make and I haven't even considered Shield itself yet.

Still pretty cool, but of little use to me personally. Ultimately I think its most practical use will be a test bed for the Tegra 4, which I imagine will make its way into a broader selection of devices.

Kakkoii1902d ago

Well, I would argue that the type of people who have money to spend on niche toys like this are the type of people who typically go for Nvidia already anyways, since that little extra bit of money is nothing to them, with the benefit of having PhysX/CUDA support and notoriously more stable drivers and game support.

koehler831902d ago

And I wouldn't argue with that for a minute. It still doesn't make for a successful platform. At best it makes for a decent peripheral.

mikegotgame1901d ago

True, but tech savvy people who spend on niche toys like this also use Radeon cards, which are actually better than Nvidia ones. Looking at the niche of a niche of a niche, which isn't exactly a good way to sell a product, even with the long tail.

Baka-akaB1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Tech savvy consumers knows easily how to use TV sets with their pc or other screens , even with the desktops hidden in another room without the next to use an inferior streaming technique .

And the android platform is mediocre for gaming however you look at it .
If you are into console gaming , it's abysmal and truly bad , touting ports , retro game ports and clones as their best games .

And if you are into pc gaming , the android platform is full of outdated retro games and clones .

If you are in both , then what use is Shield ?

To each their own obviously , but besides bragging , i dont see how it's a geek's dream machine .

dennett3161903d ago

It's a slightly cool idea for a select few people who want to keep playing Steam games when they go to the toilet, or sit in another room or something.
If you have to load the game up on the PC first, surely it'd be easier to just play on the damn PC?
As for Android gaming with controls, tablets with gaming controls are starting to appear all over the place. The Archos gamepad isn't a good example of what can be done, but several Chinese tabs offer that functionality and are pretty damn good.

nchizimbi1903d ago

If I had a GeForce GTX 600 series powering my PC's visuals, Project Shield will have been on my shopping list of devices to buy. I really do like it; unfortunately, all my PCs are AMD Radeon powered and I would not just buy the Shield for Android-only gaming... if I bought Shield, I would want to utilize its 'all' purpose.

I think of Project Shield more as a PC 'accessory' device than a truly standalone gaming device since all the heavy lifting is happening on the PC (when playing PC games).

Kakkoii1902d ago

Just watch, someone will come out with a modded piece of software for Shield that will allow you to do it with AMD cards as well somehow haha. The platform is said to be completely unlocked, so there isn't much stopping it.

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