PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Should have been a Shameless Smash Bros Clone

Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses why PlayStation All Stars didn't perform up to Sony's expectations and what the game could have done differently to sell more.

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theBAWSE1872d ago

No it should have been a powerstone clone..

Theyellowflash301872d ago

Hey I remember Powerstone, I really like that game. I don't know though. I like 2D fighters more than 3D fighters.

Dylila1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

fanboys are so silly. ps all star is a fighting game with stylings from different games but because its a brawler type its labeled as a copy.

its just a fighting game but because the camera system might be similar to smash brothers or because it features mostly franchise characters from sony its seen as a rip off. the game is amazing and did things smash brothers never did in level designs, proper online system, and all sorts. can anyone even play smash brothers online without the insane lag?

im a fan of mk fighting games and smash brothers but i prefer ps all stars over smash brothers because it improves on formulas that became boring with nintendos game. i saw lbp karting went through the same silliness being labeled a copy of a nintendo franchise like nintendo invented it or are the only company that ever made a kart racer. lbp was labeled a mario clone because it was a semi side scroller. its ridiculous. i love how little big planet , lbp karting and ps all stars all improved on old formulas

sony had motion controls on ps2 and on the ps3 the ps move is labeled a copy even though there are tech demos of it going back to the year 2000. the ps3 launched with sixaxis in the controller which you need to motion the controller sometimes in games like folklore, uncharted, lair, heavenly sword, war hawk and a few others to play but most people say( nintendo fanboys) sony copied with motion controls.

zerocrossing1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )


No dude it's a blatant Smash bros rip off, it was made to be and anyone thinking otherwise is fooling themselves.

If I was Sony and saw the success of Nintendo's Smash Bros series Id want a piece of that, so they created their own version, but sadly it's just inferior and that really is a shame since their competition had a perfect template for them to work off of for over a a decade now.

I wish it had done better since I think a sequel would have nailed it.


There's no problem with my statement, you're just nitpicking.

1st of all Sony has never had many characters to choose from in the past to even consider making a SSB clone back during the PS1 PS2 days, those they did have were from 3rd party devs unlike Nintendo's who were 1st part for the most part.

I think the big problem was not that people thought PSASBR was a SSB clone but that it was a poor SSB clone, let's say for the sake of argument that Sony didn't take inspiration from Smash bro's, that would be pretty stupid right really, I mean SSB is the most popular franchise of it's kind and Sony didn't even try to replicate it? or implement game mechanics that people like about it and make it so great, that makes no sense.

zebramocha1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

@zero there is a couple of problems with your statement,ssb came out in the late 90's,if Sony wanted this type of game it would've been there on the ps1 or ps2,and the other problem is,that people saw it as a direct copy instead of a take on a genre that is not use a lot,this is similar to the original cod and medal if honor.

@ light only nintedo character that have strong appeal outside of gamers are characters that stemmed from superbot said that they couldn't get hold on some of the ps1 characters

violents1872d ago


I think that's the point of the article. People were looking at it expecting a clone of smash bros and it wasnt. Since it didnt play like they expected no one liked it. Had it been a shameless ripoff, it may have taken some flak for it but probabley would have sold better.

zebramocha1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

@zero they did if the game came out in 1999,they had mgs,parappa,spyro,tomb raider,crash,legend of dragoon,soul reaver,ff,tiny tank.I don't know ever ps1 game but they did have enough characters.

Delive1872d ago

Just wondering, all the flaws with the game that made it an under appreciated game can be addressed with a title update, correct?

I'm thinking if they added some new modes and options for scoring points. release this in patch, replace the retail copies and move forward. Realistically, it's probably too late, but updating the game at least through a patch with more options added. This could push a few more copies to those who wanted a SSB clone closer to the original.

zerocrossing1872d ago


"they had mgs,parappa,spyro,tomb raider,crash,legend of dragoon,soul reaver,ff,tiny tank"

They couldn't use most of the characters you listed since they are 3rd party, they would have been difficult to get permission for not to mention expensive.

No fault on Sony's part just means they hadnt got much going for them 1st party wise back then.

MaxXAttaxX1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Please learn the meaning of a rip off. The War Z is an example of a rip off.
And character mash-ups isn't even an original SSB concept.

Are Tekken and Dead Or Alive Virtua Fighter clones or rip offs?

Are Final Fight, Guilty Gear, Skull Girls, KoF, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure and BlazBlue all Street Fighter II clones or rip offs?

Is Forza a Gran Turismo clone or rip off?

Is Super Mario a Pac-land clone or rip off?

Are Jump Super Stars, Digimon Rumble Arena, Battle Staium, Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, Rag Doll Kung Fu, Rakugai Showtime and PlayStation All-Stars rip offs?

This is like the 1990s, where people called every FPS a Doom clone.
It's called a GENRE.

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knifefight1872d ago

Hell yeah. My wife and I still play PowerStone 2 on Dreamcast and the PowerStone Collection on PSP. Great fighters.

Myst1872d ago

Fun game. Still have my fingers crossed that a three will show up someday...Someday ;_;

Myst1872d ago

I like the way this guy thinks!

Nerdmaster1872d ago

I think that if they made it in a classic fighting game style, like Street Fighter or even Marvel vs Capcom, it would have sold lots more. Even I, that have little interest in Sony characters, would buy it.

kayoss1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

If you think about All star improved upon what SSB came up with. The problem is that Sony has been so focused on hardcore gamers taht when this game was released only hardcore gamers knew who these characters were. The casual gamers had no idea. with SSB, a lot of the characters used are very iconic characters for both casual gamers and hardcore gamers so SSB had the upper hand. For kids and casual gamers who want the game they know the pokemon and Mario characters so of course the parents will buy it. For hardcore gamers, they know zelda and metal gear solid.
If you go up and ask a casual gamers who is Nariko? who is Kratos? who is Raiden? I will gauarantee you that most of the time they couldnt even answer your question. But if you asked them who is pikachu, mario, Bowser, and yoshi are? 95% of the time they can tell you.

3-4-51872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )


Powerstone was unique and nobody could or has copied it since.

It also doesn't help that Sony decides to wash all it's games in Yellow. How can I tell ?

Look at the color " Blue " in this's washed out and not a pure blue....

Sony always tints everything yellow and thus is less vibrant. It makes things harder to distinguish.

small mistake but it's a dumb one they continue to make.

princejb1341872d ago

Nope should have copied smash brothers all the way
The special to get kills system just doesn't work so well
Is fun for a few rounds but than gets boring

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Patashnik1872d ago

I don't think the Sony cast has as much weight or charisma as Nintendo's. They don't have quite the same level of appeal to really pull a game like this off...

LightofDarkness1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I don't know why you got disagrees. None of these characters carry the same weight, recognition and ubiquity as Mario, Peach, Link, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Samus or Pikachu. You don't have to be a gaming die-hard to know who those people are, whereas people like Donte, Raiden, Parappa, those two Japanese mascots, Cole etc. are just not known to the general public, aka. the kind of people who like to play party games. Nathan Drake (maybe Kratos) is probably the most well-known character on the roster, and he's only been around for the last 6 years, and STILL is nowhere near the kind popularity of Mario etc.

Yes, I get that these characters are popular among SONY fans, but that's the only people who really want a game like this (with the current roster, at least).

If it had Solid Snake, Cloud, Sephiroth, REAL Dante, Chris/Leon, Abe, and ACTUAL classic Sony characters that people generally remember the brand for it might have done better, and while not necessarily as powerful as the Nintendo licenses, it would've done a whole lot more. Unfortunately, though, many of those characters are third party creations; which means that getting them into the game would be either impossible or prohibitively expensive.

zerocrossing1872d ago

It didn't help the fact that the majority of characters that made it into PASBR's character roster were from this gen... If you're not a fan of some of the new Sony franchises then chances are you aren't getting the game.

They should have went for the nostalgia factor and used more characters from the good ol PS1 PS2 days, Solid Snake, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Classic Lara Croft, Classic DMC3 Dante, or anyone one of these RE character (Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S Kennedy, Claire Redfield, or even Ada wong), Crash Bandicot, Spyro, Mega man X, Zero, even if only half of these characters were available from the start, and the game played more like SSB it would have been a guaranteed success IMO.

gmoney05051872d ago

Why should the characters have the same amount of appeal for people to play the game? People should play the game and learn how to fight in the game and stop trying to say well i dont know this character so I think this character suck. Instead learn the in's and out's of the game and it will be great to people instead of them just trying to find something to complain about.

zerocrossing1872d ago

PASBR is supposed to be a game where you play as classic Sony characters that you like, that's the point of it after all, so if your favourite classic character isn't in it why should you buy the game?

dark-hollow1872d ago

its a mascot fighter like smash or MvsC 3, if characters doesnt matter then why dont make it a brawler with an all new fighters for it? in these type of games, the characters matters!

imagine if snake, cloud and other popular FF characters, crash, spyro, lara, RE characters, the original dante and much more from the rich playstation history it would be a MUCH more appealing game. i know for some of these characters its not up to sony, but IF they could get them one way or another, im sure it would do much better commercially.

chrispseuphoria1872d ago

The PlayStation 2 was the most dominant platform of last generation. Where was the GameCube? The least dominant. People care about Jak and Daxter, Kratos Ratchet and Clank, Raiden and Sly Cooper.

rluvah1872d ago

And PS3 is the least dominant this gen. If people care then why aren't they buying the game?

Theyellowflash301872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Whats funny about your post is even with the Gamecube's horrible console sales. Nintendo's exclusives still outsold every game you listed. Super Smash Bros, Mario Sunshine, Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart destroyed Sony's exclusives in sales.

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lashes2ashes1872d ago

I would rather at least see a dev team try something new and fail than see them lose there passion over turning out the Same product time and time again.

sway_z1872d ago

I thought it was a shameless Smash Bros clone?

zebramocha1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

@sway z I guess you never heard of these games,thrill kill,out foxies,marvel vs capcom,agree the price was to high because I believe fighters shouldn't sale for $60 but $40,they had more characters than the original ssb.

sway_z1872d ago


I've been gaming since home computers (1980's), so do not 'I guess me' what games I have or have not heard of...even the title design on the game cover suggested 'Clone'...granted the experience may have been slightly different, but you would have to play it to know that.

Agreed fighters should be budget priced...but the point is Sony will not suffer closing these middle quality studios...agree or not, it's just sound business decision making.

Irishguy951872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

No, it nearly was, but they changed things for the sake of not being a shameless clone. And it ended up not nearly as good as Smash bros.

Going by experience and reviews -

Also, stop bring up games like "thrill kill,out foxies,marvel vs capcom,"

They play NOTHING like Smash bros or All stars. Just because they have 4 players doesn't mean they are the same or copies. All stars plays ALOT like Smash bros, and only differs in gametype. It's like playing Team deathmatch and then playing capture the flag in COD - Same game different gametype. That's what All stars in to Smash bro's/

Oh also, when All stars reveal was leaked like a year before it was actually revealed, it was literally called "Sony version of Smash bro's in production"

gmoney05051872d ago

Actually learn how to play the game before you called it a clone. The game plays nothing like smash bros. Only thing they have in common are they are fighters. Different type of gameplay. Different type of way to win.

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