Fallout 4 in development for next-gen?

Bethesda unannounced next-gen project is Fallout 4?

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Ashunderfire861904d ago

Hell yeah they can't screw up with new hardware can they? PS4 and Xbox Next could be using AMD, which means PS4 possibly will not be screwed with bugs. Hopefully lol!!!

JonahNL1904d ago

I don't see how AMD can make a difference when it comes to a buggy game or not?

Skate-AK1904d ago

He just worded it weird. He meant since PS4 and 720 are both using similar AMD chips the PS4 version shouldn't be buggy. Since it will be familar hardware shared between the two consoles.

AlucardFury1904d ago

Basically what he's saying is that if the PS4 has a PC-like architecture then there's no excuse for crappy ports since the Cell was a headache for developers, most notably Bethesda with the whole Skyrim fiasco.

Panthers1904d ago

Its a Bethesda game. Its going to be buggy.

360Review1904d ago

Not much evidence supporting the statements, the job could be for any game being released. I agree because of the more recent releases like Dishonored and Skyrim I would like to think it was to be Fallout. I won't vote as I am not sure on this topic!

Games4ever1904d ago

Fallout 4 next-gen. Bring it On !!!!!!!

Skate-AK1904d ago

I believe they were working on it along side Skyrim.

SolidDuck1904d ago

I sure hope so. I love fallout.

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