Paul Walker to Star as Agent 47 in Hitman Film Reboot

Hardcore Gamer: That’s right, Brian O’Conner himself will be donning a suit and barcode in the Hitman reboot, dubbed Agent 47, set to shoot in Singapore and Berlin this summer.

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xtheownerzx1898d ago

that picture is hilarious

BlmThug1898d ago

I love Paul Walker but he does not suit Hitman. He just doesn't have the face that screams "cold blooded killer". Timothy should remain or if they must replace him, get Jason Statham.

Abdou231898d ago

Timothy Olyphant was okay, actually i wish they use him for a sequel.

Reibooi1897d ago

Yeah I thought he was pretty good. The movie had other issues none of which were really in his control but he did what he could with the role and he looked the part pretty well(perhaps looked a bit younger then Agent 47 does in the games but that is fine)

3-4-51897d ago

they are better off going with a no name person.

It's not like it's Mario where everyone knows what he looks like.

NastyLeftHook01898d ago

aww man, leonardo di caprio would have been better.

jony_dols1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I was sure that Daniel Day Lewis was going to sign on...

British actor Mark Strong ( https://encrypted-tbn3.gsta... ) would have made the perfect 47. It's a pity that 'Fox Productions' is once again aiming for generic action instead of a calculated thriller.

DrRichtofen1898d ago

No they should have the guy that was in Freddie Wong's Hitman video
That dude is like spot on.

BoNeSaW231898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

What was wrong with Timothy Olyphant?

This is really the only videogame movie my wife ever liked and I thought he did a great job as Agent 47. Dam you FOX!

LOGICWINS1898d ago

Dudes a hell of an actor. Great on Justified. Hitmans probably the only videogame based movie my parents actually enjoyed lol.

Ultr1898d ago

Hell yeah I liked him too!

Inception1898d ago

Yeah, i kinda like Timothy too. And Hitman movie still enjoyable to watch. I just a little dissapointed that the script not give Timothy more time to fleshed out Agent 47 character.

RickHiggity1897d ago

Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoyed that movie.

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Steadyhndz1898d ago

I could see him doing a decent job, but I'd imagine someone with a more intimidating figure and face.

Steadyhndz1898d ago

I was the exact same person, couldn't remember how to spell his last name and was too lazy to Google it at the time :p

Elwenil1898d ago

I always thought Jason Statham would make a perfect Agent 47. I remember when The Transporter movie came out me and a few friends were big into Hitman 2 and I recall the comment being made that it was like "Hitman, the movie" back then just because of all the action.

Steadyhndz1897d ago

No his skin tone is too dark in my opinion, and he's a little too bulky.

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The story is too old to be commented.