As Resident Evil 6's sales falter, a wild Resident Evil 5 appears

Despite labelling the recently-released Resident Evil 6 a "failure", Capcom has still managed an increase its earnings for the nine-month period from April to December 2012.

How this happened might be cause for surprise.

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jc485731962d ago

it's all because of Sheva. Trust me, Japanese are into Black chicks.

Myst1962d ago

Lol I don't know about that but I liked it a BIT more than RE6 but eh both were okay to me.

aaron58291962d ago

I loved RE5, 4 was amazing, but 3 was my favourite. But RE6, it just dont feel like a resident evil game... i dont feel tensed anymore, all i get from it was frustration upon frustration... swimming underwater, and stupid zombie chokes you, not once, but 3 times, Crawled out of spinning blades, another zombie comes at you... they all felt like cheap ways to make you lose your health bar. But after i got my magnum and unlimited magnum ammo, its payback time !

Mounce1961d ago

I only appreciate RE5 because it made the creation of 'Wesker Crows' possible...

Try not to die laughing.

trancefreak1961d ago

I must look it up, but there was no damn PC version either which seems ass backwards if they doing ports.

I must look into this. I could of swore the PC version was coming.

jc485731961d ago

I like to mix if you know what I mean.

dafegamer1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

lol dat kinda made me laugh
edit: @aCasualGamer agreed, one of the hottest women on our planet

_FantasmA_1961d ago

Ewww gross. Besides Sheva has a Latino last name. Alomar is Latino.

Kevlar0091961d ago

Maybe they like men with steroid induced arms?

cyguration1961d ago

They must love John Cena.

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Thats REALLY surprising, considering RE5 was awful.

cpayne931961d ago

It may have lost the horror atmosphere from 4 but the gameplay wasn't even all that different. It was still a great game, an action game, but still a great game. 4 was just amazing though.

MooseyXTC1961d ago

RE5 is an AMAZING co-op game.
Managing your inventory alongside a partners while dealing with a TON of enemies, in a narrow hallway where you can't get to one-another and deliver that one type of ammo that only your partner can deliver, or that one last herb for you both to use, THAT'S where the "panic" comes into play.
Same as with having to manage Ashley and yourself in RE4.
They're only bad if you look at them in comparison to REmake.
But then again, every game is a few pegs below REmake.

clintagious6501962d ago

Well compared to RE6, RE5 was a way better game in my opinion.

Mikefizzled1962d ago

Any one else think that when Capcom announced sales targets they were overstretching themselves big time.
Dragons Dogma 10m Then downgraded a few rimes
Resident Evil 6 7m
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City 2.5m
DmC Devil May Cry 2m
Lost Planet 3 1.4m

Baka-akaB1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

They never announced 10 mil for Dragon's Dogma . It was clearly said as a joke in a joking tone by its director . The true estimate came way later , and the game didnt fall much short of it .

As usual "videogame journalism" shone brightly when quoting that multiple times

Black-Rock-Shooter1961d ago

Lost Planet 3 isn't out yet do you mean lost planet 2?

Lord_Sloth1961d ago

He either means LP2 or LP1 sold 31.4 Million. XXXD

Mikefizzled1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

No they released all the targeted figures at the same time its just Lost Planet 3 got delayed. Lost Planet 2 sold 1.5m in 2 and a half years so its got a chance.

TheRichterBelmont1962d ago

That, and everyone misses Wesker.

HarryMasonHerpderp1962d ago

Maybe the old Wesker but not the RE5 Wesker that went all matrix.

bryam19821962d ago

Lmao thats how i call him too matrix wesker or neo wesker wtf capcom?

HarryMasonHerpderp1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Haha I know yeah. When I played it I was like uhhh why does he have super powers? and why is everyone flipping around in slow motion? did Wesker just dodge a bullet? are we seriously fighting in a volcano?! what have you done Capcom 0_0

ThanatosDMC1961d ago

He can dodge bullets and bend steel with his fists... but apparently Chris's body is much much harder than any known metal.

Chris punching the boulder...

_FantasmA_1961d ago

I may be in the minority but I never cared for Wesker. I'm glad he died cause I was getting tired of seeing him be behind everything and just magically appear anywhere Chris and Jill went.

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