Crytek Not Interested In Darksiders; Crytek USA Working On Something Else

The decision to form Crytek USA from former Vigil Entertainment employees was made in a single day, reveals Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli.

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AngelicIceDiamond1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Ehh, I guess Crytek just has no interest in Darksiders franchise. Hopefully Crytek can get these guys to work on a brand new next gen title.

@Ritsujun Ok you don't need to troll it? I'm just saying Crytek wants to shelve it at the moment. They want the studio working on a different projects right now.

Darksiders is just one of those unfortunate Ip's that are being put away until further notice.

Ritsujun1936d ago

No one gives a darn about the Ducksuckers series anyway.

DeadlyFire1936d ago

Well they have to own it before they could care about it.

So far noone has bought Darksiders or so I have not heard anything yet. There was another Auction coming at some point soon.

Temporary1936d ago

To be honest im just glad they got another job fairly quickly. Good for them. Even if they dont get to continue Darksiders right now, at least they've been invested in, and it might be a future project for them.

Only time will tell.

akaakaaka1936d ago

crytek was making a GOW like game for the XBOX right?

maybe this is what they will end up finishing or more like doing, i don't believe they had the talent to even start such a game but know they do ..

KingKelloggTheWH1936d ago

I don't see why they would let the franchise die,with the Cryengine the game could become so great.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

This is why..

They will make them make a shooter..

Kran1935d ago

1.4 million was still pretty good never-the-less.

andron6661936d ago

Well we got 2 nice games out of it. But it's too bad there won't be any more...

OhReginald1936d ago

I was surprised when they announced darksiders 2....first game sales werent any good as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.