Castlevania Dev’s say LOS: Mirror of Fate HD Exists – Wii U Exclusive?

While Mirror of Fate will undoubtedly do well on the 3DS find out why it could be a Wii U title too. After all it already exists.

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DarkBlood1899d ago

i'll wait till the wiiu HD version then hopfully its 40 bucks

showtimefolks1898d ago

If its exists than it will come out on all 3 HD consoles not just wii-u. Just like resident evil 3DS coming to ps3 and xbox360 I believe this will also come out on home consoles

I just hope this time around to LOS2 they don't bullshit with real ending being in DLC. I don't know what they were thinking. Both DLC packs are maybe 1hr long each and both are still $9.99 each.

I never understood that about original LOS and Asura wrath also did the same thing with real ending being via DLC only

lilbroRx1899d ago

I really wish people would stop going into sections for one console to port beg for another console or only discuss the advantages for the other console. They have their own sections.

stragomccloud1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It really is so ironic that they beg for something to come to their system rather than realize that they really just like games that are releasing on Nintendo systems. Then they bash the system for not having the kinds of games they like. lol
Oh internet.

PS4isKing_821898d ago

Wow that would be a great gift for wiiU owners, myself included.
Hope this is true, my wiiU could use some new games.

Poor dusty little guy :(

RTheRebel1898d ago

your fanboyism is showing lol

Dilldo_1898d ago

LOL you think? His name is PS4isKing and he has the playstation symbol as his display picture..

BullyMangler1898d ago

should i take care of him? . hoh hohh

landog1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

will get me even closer to a wii u purchase if it does, all they need is metroid and I'm there for you nintendo

gimme monster hunter in hd, metroid and castlevania, throw in a few stellar jrpg's and you got me sold!

*to clarify, i want my metroid to be side scrolling, 30+ hours and native 1080p, thats not too much to ask is it?

multipayer1898d ago

Complete with lip movement I assume. This would only be marketable if it was a crossplatform buy though, perhaps nintendo has a plan.

I wish konami had a plan of bringing IGA back to make a true Castlevania...

FriedGoat1898d ago

yeah, Bring on SOTN 2!
hopefully on a device with a decent resolution.

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