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Submitted by Aclay 1103d ago | video

IGN: Predicting the PlayStation 4 Event

February 20th is coming very, very quickly. Two weeks ago, it was just a date, but now, all signs point to it being the day Sony pulls back the curtain on the next PlayStation console. IGN's PlayStation experts -- the members of Podcast Beyond -- have been calling this for a while. You can watch their 2013 predictions and see them predict the event. (PS4)

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Dylila  +   1103d ago
I can't wait for the ps4 announcement , specs and games preview
NukaCola  +   1103d ago
I wonder if Sony knew that their little trailer just set the interwebz on fire. 20th will either break hearts or minds will explode. Either way, if it's what we think/want/hope or not, the bloodshed is coming.
GribbleGrunger  +   1103d ago
The hype has been based mainly on speculation and that's likely to lead to some disappointment -- depending on how reasonable your own expectations are. I'm still not convinced that the PS4 will be released. I'm not saying it won't, I'm just expressing my mindset going into the event. If I were to be 'optimistic' I'd say, yes, the PS4 will be revealed but I know it IS 'optimism' and so therefore, regardless of whether it's shown or not, I won't be disappointed ... That said:

Pricing will definitely not be announced. They may allude to a lower entry point to the PS3 just to ease the minds of the gamers. This would immediately stop any possible backlash from the media prior to launch; although, conversely, it could lead to lower than reasonable price guesses from the media which would set people up for disappointment anyway ... Swings and roundabouts, but I think it's still the best strategy to avoid price at the moment.

I think the controller will get an update for sure. I'm one of those people who just didn't like the triggers entirely. A little hook in their design would easily solve any complaints (and there have been many). I'd say the grips will be slightly wider too, regardless of whether it's to accommodate a touch screen. Touch-screen could be there, but it's likely to have pretty simple use in order for them to justify using the Vita as an alternative second controller. The reason I say that is because people would expect it to do exactly what the Vita can do for a fraction of the price.

We will get announcements of 1st party games for the system (if the PS4 is revealed of course). Something from the big studios seems inevitable, such as Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Media Molecule, but target renders are going to be a thing of the past -- in my opinion -- and Sony will stress that what we saw in those reels WAS actual game engine assets. The one exception could be GT.

There will likely be a Gaikai section in which Sony lay out their plans for the future of that feature. Backward compatibility will also be mentioned in the same section but it will be left open to speculation for now. In the end I think we'll get a little of both, simply because they'll want traffic to increase for PSN not diminish and if you could play those PSN PS3 games you downloaded from the store, you would then be inclined to immediately download them again in the drought period (and we know there always is a drought period after the initial launch)

PS+ will be announced but it won't appear immediately at launch, as was the case for the Vita. The reasoning for this is quite obvious: There won't be enough games to make up a decent instant game collection and 3rd party's are NOT going to want to give their games away for free out of the gate. This is another reason I think BC is important, especially if these games can be unscaled to 1080p. It won't make much difference because the assets will still be 720p, but it's enough to warrant excitement from Sony fans.

A Vita price drop will be announced and will take effect the day after the show. Perhaps we'll also see a Vita.5 with built in memory too. This would go a long way to assuage the concerns and complaints of the media and potential buyers. Gaikai will also be mentioned in this section because the Vita is likely to be able to connect to the server and play any PS3 or PS4 games available.

Hardware specification will NOT be mentioned. They'll demonstrate what the machine is capable of with their game reel ... and perhaps a one off or two. That's all that matters at the end of the day. Regardless of whether it's slightly more powerful or slightly weaker than the 720, it's 1st party that counts and Sony have the confidence of PS community on that score.
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3-4-5  +   1102d ago
The thing is.

On Jan 35th 2013 the head of Sony said they will let Microsoft reveal first.

And now we are supposed to think they changed their mind a week later and are like " Jk...we are announcing first ? "

They have to now, weather or not they intended to, we will get some kind of PS4 news.

Sony is sitting on a Gold mine, but they won't admit they don't know how to mine the they act like they are doing the right thing, but we see through it.

Sony...treat your fans better.
metroid32  +   1103d ago
These guys are hypo ventilating look ps4 wont be very impressive.
IRetrouk  +   1103d ago
Compared to....?
Ezio2048  +   1103d ago
lol... :P
Good one though.
Damn excited as well....!! :D
Bring it on Sony...
metroid32  +   1103d ago
Compared too WiiU which is confirmed to have a Modified E6760 basically stripped down for better power consumption ect and some things will have gone up like the 576gigflops to 1terraflop ect, and using Edram ect,1 terraflop because they said it was roughly the same power as a HD4850/70 and thats nearly 1.3 terraflops so think a Modified E6760 with Edram and 1 terraflop but using architecture from dx11 instead of dx10 or 10.1 thats the lowdown.

Oh that teardown from digital foudry was inacurate,they even said 30% of the gpu is still unknown,IGN and NEOGAF have emailed AMD and got the same email it's a Modified E6760 here is that email.


Which part of Xenoblade wiiu,Beyonetta wiiu,ect didnt look next gen ? they both look more impressive than any ps4/720 game ive seen that Witcher isnt even confirmed and the pc version doesnt look next gen so good luck to u.
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morganfell  +   1103d ago
Desperate much Metroid? You spent your two bubbles in the Nintendo GPU article defending, defending, defending. Now your love for Nintendo forces you to come over here and go on the attack against Sony.

I am marking this page. When Sony releases the specs for the PS4 you won't be able to rest a single moment without being reminded that you should have kept out of this article. Instead your fanboy rage bubbled to the top and you said something that will turn into a 300 pound crow pie that you will now have to eat in one sitting.
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IRetrouk  +   1102d ago
How can you compare something compleatly unknown with something thats had a tear down? Dont get me wrong that monolith game looks very impresive and i will deff be getting a wii u when that game lands but if you really think that the next consoles from sony/ms wont be a step up from wii u then more power to you buddy. Oh and we have not seen a single game from ps4/xbox3, the witcher is running on a pc
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DigitalSmoke  +   1103d ago
The PS1 was, the PS2 was, the PS3 is, the PS4 won't ?
u cray...
jony_dols  +   1103d ago
Metroid32's previous posts are pathetic! Trolling PS4 articles; because he has WiiU buyers remorse.
MasterCornholio  +   1103d ago
Just because the Wii U is an unimpressive next gen console doesnt mean that the PS4 and 720 wont be impressive. We have already been through this before with the Wii, 360 and PS3 so you should know what kind of results to expect.

But anyways im in it for the games and i know for sure that the PS4 will have 3rd party titles and those Sony franchises that i love and Naughtydog tendency to create new ips like the Last of Us for example.
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chasegarcia  +   1103d ago
My predictions:

1. All ps3 consoles would essentially be able to stream PS4 games through Gaikai.

2. New Dual shock 3 (without license fees)

3. New Eyetoy.

4. No price announcement.

5. Microsoft would respond soon after with some news (game or x720).
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DigitalSmoke  +   1103d ago
Streaming PS4 games to a PS3 isn't going to happen, ever.
Bathyj  +   1103d ago
Im hoping he meant that the other way round

Oh, i just read further down. He doesnt.
Facepalm? Is that what the kids say?
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GribbleGrunger  +   1102d ago
Why not? I can see a big advantage if they could stream demos of PS4 games and maybe some PS4 PSN games. Obviously they'd need to keep the AAA titles PS4 only because they want to sell the PS4, but Gaikai could in theory stream PS4 content to your PS3, as well as your Vita. What he said isn't stupid at all.

I can't agree with full AAA games though. I can see his point but it would hurt PS4 sales far too much. There is an argument to be had that there are still many people who want hard copies of games and that streaming or DLC are not popular with these people, but that percentage is going down. Essentially though, what he's saying is an interesting proposition and one I've discussed many times in the past on other forums, without vitriol.

Everyone else just regurgitates the same old predictions as if it's their own. I give kudos to free thinkers ... and so should everyone else, regardless of whether you agree or not.
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Inception  +   1103d ago
PS3 can stream PS4 games?
Lol, than why sony even bother making PS4?

If you mean PS4 consoles would (later) essentially stream PS3 games, than that makes senses...
chasegarcia  +   1103d ago
Reason: PS4 would be made for people that do not want to or cannot stream.Also for people that would like more features.

Think about it. When a new console is release the market is small, but if it can release with existing users it won't hurt developers much. PS4 games could sell millions of copy during the first year.

Sony is going to surprise us. I think it would be something Gaikai related or maybe the release of Playstation classics on PC?

If you disagree please make your own predictions. I was trying to predict something different.
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shivvy24  +   1103d ago
i think he meant ps4 stream ps3 games
Ju  +   1102d ago
That idea isn't that stupid. Imagine remote play PS4 games on your PS3. Say, you have a PS3 in the bed room a PS4 in the livingroom. Wivie want's to watch TV; take PS3 and stream PS4 games there. Makes perfect sense. Wifi/Lan only, and we are all set. Sells PS3s and PS4s.
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BitbyDeath  +   1103d ago
Streamed games would still be reliant on hardware and PS3 wouldn't be powerful enough to run PS4 games, hence why a PS4 is needed.
Nicaragua  +   1103d ago
errr no, i dont think you could be more wrong if you tried.

Any modern device is capable of streaming content precisely because it IS NOT reliant on hardware, its just reliant on a sufficent internet connection.
BitbyDeath  +   1102d ago
So you're saying i could stream Crysis on the highest of settings to a 286?
Nicaragua  +   1102d ago
If you would describe a 30 year old 286 as a modern device then your even stupider than your previous comment suggested.

Heres some advice - stop trying to be a smart arse and google how streaming works, it will help you stop making a tit of yourself.
Ezio2048  +   1103d ago
dufaq is that?
Master of Unlocking  +   1103d ago
Am I the only one under the impression that the PS4 will have BC only insofar as it will have Gaikai as a new service available for PS+ users which will allow you to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, and also allow you to still play digital PS3 games purchased on the PS Store on your PS4, but will not have support for BC with physical BR-based games?
Myst-Vearn  +   1103d ago
can't freaking wait
solid_warlord  +   1103d ago
That guy in the very left gets too excited, i bet he's gay. He needs a chill pill.
lovegames718  +   1102d ago
Dear Metroid lol

Here comes metroid mad at the world because in regards to specs Wiiu is current gen and has a weak cpu that is hindering a moderate Gpu.

Everything rumored about ps4 runs circles around the Wiiu and our old fiorst party games put wiiu games now and in the future to shame. It wouldnt even be fair to mention games like the TLOU and GOW Asc. lol

Monolith looked next gen? Where oh let me guess the part where he was running in an empty bland world with no NPC's or enemies around lol ahahahahahahahaha you fanboys are sick its incredible. The new xenoblad wont look better than Gow Asc. let alone most ps3 exclusives coming out now. and dont get it twisted the monolit game will be like most open world games devoid of alot of enemies, repetitious boring missions and the enemies will probably look all alike lol hahahahah Tell Nintendo to stick to their 1990's 2d scrollers you guys claim are awesome lol
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1102d ago
I liked this... this was a good video they also have another one that is 20 mins and it goes in on games and other things in the gaming world...
stefan771  +   1102d ago
I think it will be a Gaikai announcement

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