Connecticut lawmaker proposes video game tax


A state representative, whose district includes Sandy Hook, is proposing a 10 percent tax on all video games that are rated mature.

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PopRocks3591902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Wait, is that even constitutional? I thought you couldn't put taxes on creative endeavors of that nature. Unless I'm mistaken.

Either way, a tax would not do much outside of piss off many a game customer for having to pay an extra $6 or so however much extra. Kids would still get those games, so if anything, the practice would be counterproductive.

Hey lawmakers? Get your heads out of your asses and start educating people.


That's ridiculous. Why tax M rated games and not R rated movies or maturely themed books and comics? Oh right, this is the lawmakers of the nation. These are the same geniuses who thought heavy metal and comics brought out destructive tendencies in normal people.

cl19831902d ago

No sadly perfectly legal, how ever I'm surprised its only video games and not other media avenues.

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BrianC62341902d ago

I don't think it's legal at all. California has tried doing this kind of crap for a while and the Supreme Court told them no. I doubt you can pick something like mature games and just put a tax on them. Why not mature movies too? And the evening news is probably more violent than most games.

BLAKHOODe1902d ago


Gaming1011901d ago

Whether it is deemed legal, illegal, constitutional or otherwise, I'm just glad I don't live in that crappy state. Or country filled with uneducated, old, out of touch white men.

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aceitman1902d ago

I thought we already pay taxes on the games it comes to $64.84 instead of $59.99.

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rainslacker1901d ago

Things can be taxed differently depending on what they are. For instance in NC groceries only have a 2% tax, but regular sales tax is 7.5%. However prepared at a 8.25%, supposedly to pay for health inspectors and stuff. All states also tax cigarettes and gas with a separate tax in addition to sales tax.

Supposedly this tax will be used to pay for mental health services. However it seems silly since a vast majority of people that play Mature games don't have mental health issues.

I'm glad at least this news source showed people responding to it with a sense of " doesn't cause violence", and "parents should be censoring their kids exposure to violent media" paraphrase.

mandf1902d ago

By targeting video games a tax was coming. It's a huge multi billion dollar industry. They want special interest money, that's how it starts. Start imposing laws before you know it we are paying for politicians with our video game money.

SilentNegotiator1902d ago

Maybe instead of blaming games, having redundant studies on video games, and taxing video games....politicians could blame criminals, study the effects of psychotropic drugs, and tax bullets.

PopRocks3591902d ago

It's, this and more this. Bubble.

dlpg5851901d ago

and give atf some type of actual power and legalize and tax marijuana and give universal background checks and get things done instead of rejecting good legislation and causing standstills

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xtheownerzx1902d ago

SMH Just another uneducated politician. no facts to back up claims proving cause and effect. I honestly hope this doesn't get through at all.

PockyKing1902d ago

More taxes yay! - No one ever said...besides politicians of course :)

JaggedCarpet1902d ago

I wish people would just accept that it's because of bad or ignorant parents that kids get M rated games. Video games is the best regulated form of media. If anything, they should educate people about the ratings, rather than just pass stupid laws or increase taxes. Neither of those will help any.

Soldierone1902d ago

They do realize we left Britain due to stupid arse tax problems right? They proposed this, and are already pushing for a "soda" tax too....

Keep taxes us, soon we will have another Tea Party to attend.

KMCROC541902d ago

I say instead of leaving the country & wasting tea, we have ourselves a revolution but we started it by offing the politician . Don't think they will be missed.

Soldierone1902d ago

They probably realize how useless they are, thats why they are trying to take our guns away before we get mad at something they plan to do.

SilentNegotiator1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Some Americans are under the impression that Europe is a paradise and that we should do absolutely everything to be like European countries, especially have ridiculous taxes.

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