Famitsu confirms Capcom Arcade Cabinet’s first 14 games

Capcom Arcade Cabinet will feature a total of 30 games. In this week’s Famitsu, the magazine revealed almost half of the lineup.

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Perjoss1930d ago

The golden days of the arcades, when Capcom could pretty much do no wrong. This list is ok but I'd love to see some of the CPS2 games released like Aliens Arcade :)

Tetsujin1930d ago

I hope Final Fight at least makes the cut.

3-4-51930d ago

lol weak !

Avengers is cool but the rest are ehhh

shaun mcwayne1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Quick question to anyone in the know. Do you buy capcom arcade and get 30 games, or is like an app that you download and then have to buy the games individually.

Dont need to answer people, I just read another story listing prices of each game.

Chevalier1930d ago

How about the awesome classic Dungeons and Dragons arcade games?