Dead Space 3: How To Unlock Everything

GR: "There are a ton of unlockable parts, weapons, suits, and modes in Dead Space 3. Here we've detailed every single unlockable in the game. All you have to do is complete the requirements and you should see a message stating what you've unlocked. First up, beat the game on..."

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TrendyGamers1866d ago

These FAQs must have taken quite some time!

morganfell1866d ago

And this matters why? It must burn some people up to no end to realize some kid down the block paid money to unlock everything they achieved through hard the Single Player Campaign.

What's next? Worrying and wringing one's hands all night because someone may be playing Dead Space in their pajamas instead of the fashions to which you ascribe?

Seriously this concern over how other people are playing the game would be amusing were it not needlessly eating up space that could be dedicated to real news.

konnerbllb1866d ago

I'll just play the game without stuff like this, I'm sure I'll enjoy it more.