How Will Sony Change the PSN for the PS4?

After receiving countless entries for our Daily Reaction giveaway, we narrowed it down to a handful of our favorites, and chose one topic that will take away the grand-prize of a $20 PSN code. Terrell Smith asks – what will happen to the PlayStation Network as we move toward Sony’s next console, the PS4? With that, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss what the future may hold for Sony’s online network, and just what are the problems we could see as we move forward.

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Foolsjoker1962d ago

Cannot wait to start waiting to play my games all over again!

Divine1962d ago

As long as it stays "free" i have no problem with anything. Sony will not disappoint

kneon1962d ago

Firmware updates typically take 4-7 minutes for me start to finish. If it's taking longer than that don't blame Sony, blame your ISP.

dbjj120881962d ago

How about updates that download and install faster? I think there are plenty of updates :P

MEGANE1962d ago

Thats all am asking!. Download and install at the same time, and dedicated memory for the interface and PSN store. It has to be fast! a snap!

GribbleGrunger1962d ago

I think you'll find that updates will load in the background on the PS4. Wait and see

aCasualGamer1962d ago

PSN, or Sony Entertainment Network, is a great online service... but it needs to be revamped for sure. I mean it's a new console freaking release, i am positive they are renewing it. They should put in new features and rebuild the existing ones. For example... i don't want to freakin wait 20-40 seconds for my trophies to sync all the time. That should be automatic. Many more things that need to be improved but i'm certain that Sony are already way ahead of us. They won't ignore an improved software when the hardware gets improved.

Knight_Crawler1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

This is what people do not understand...PSN currently cost Sony alot of money to run and with the features that you are asking for it will cost even more to operate.

Sony will need to start charging for online next gen if they want to provide a top Online experience.

I know some of you believe that your favorite company loves you and does not care about your money but that is not the case.

Edit: Also think about it...if Sony startS charging for PSN and MS still charges for the Live what are people going to do, leave Sony and MS and buy a Will U.

RememberThe3571962d ago

Sony is already making money on the PSN, and as they grow Plus they're seeing the revenue jump as well. The expanded features of the PSN would probably be tacked on the Plus so everything we have now would still be free but the bonus feature would cost you.

Thats the way they've been doing it and that is the way they will probably do it going forward. I'm 99% positive they wont charge for online going into the next gen.

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dbjj120881962d ago

Hopefully they'll maintain what they're doing already. PlayStation Plus is kicka** and the PSN works well enough for free. Just a few tweaks and they'll have an amazing platform.

DigitalRaptor1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

My (probably ambitious) predictions:

What they should do/add:

There's just no way they can take the importance of social gaming/online for granted next gen, after Xbox Live seems to have sealed that aspect of console gaming up this gen.

- Gaikai for PS1, PS2 and PS3 games (solves backwards compatibility if absent). Instant streaming of demos, and full games as part of PS+.
- Due to increased RAM, multiple background tasks such as actively pausing the game, and opening web content in a (vastly updated?) browser. Basically, beging able to do anything in the PS4 OS whilst a game is paused, without having to exit the game.
- Modern interface, possibly a modernized version of XMB - not flashy but classy.
- Revamped social features including PSN profile integration, auto-synching trophies, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. There's rumours of Sony building a social network type thing, who knows...
- The rumored 15-minute gameplay recording could play a large role in social gaming. Streaming your gameing sessions to friends, uploading to YouTube, Facebook etc.
- PS+ expansion with new features such as cross-game chat, although I think these will be free network features, just like on Vita.
- Vita integration in some form. Remote play for every PS4 game perhaps, from the get-go?
- More Cloud wizardry!
- No damn installs for downloaded content (that's a personal request).
- Kick SCEE up the arse in regards to the PS Store.

What I don't see them changing:

- Free basic online play, because regardless of what people seem to think, they don't need to charge for it when PS+ exists and is growing popular.

GribbleGrunger1962d ago

Nice post. I can't disagree with any of those points. Bubble.

Lucreto1962d ago

I would like to see:

Improved trophy list- Like steam acheivements where they show your progress to getting the trophy.

Improved browser.

Cross game chat using skype and more integrated social feature.

Gaikai for PS1-PS3 games but with PS3 backward compatibility as well.

More involved cloud features.

ExCest1962d ago

I would like it if they had a fully-featured skype. As far as I know (from personal experience), the skype on vita sucks.

Other than that, bring on the integration!

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