Let me get this straight you love The Walking Dead but hate Heavy Rain?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:

So The Walking Dead took home Game of The Year at VGA 10 huh?

First, this is no knock on The Walking Dead or the gamers that love it. I respect anyone who loves this game I actually haven’t played it myself yet, (*update I’ve played the demo and liked it) but looove the Zombie culture so maybe one day I will need not only to get into the game but get into the TV series as well; long overdue I know, shame on me (*update I’m all caught up — loved it lmbooo). No, this more goes out to same people who hate Heavy Rain but love TWD.

THE Complaints of Heavy Rain:

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pr0t0typeknuckles1898d ago

okay, seriously i thought i was the only person on earth that thought that how can you hate heavy rain but love the walking dead ilove both because their adventure games, but really people, double standard much.

GribbleGrunger1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

My GOD! I can't believe this is here. I've been trying to wrap my head around the idea that this game got so many plaudits and yet when I played the game it felt like a poor man's Heavy rain (play wise). Why is it ok for this game to give you prompts and not Heavy Rain, that gives you hundreds of options and lot's of different outcomes? And let's not even talk about graphics. No one seems to be mentioning it though. That's really odd because that's the immediate impression I got from playing the demo. Weird, it plays like a very simple version too.

Convas1898d ago

"And let's not even talk about graphics. No one seems to be mentioning it though."

Mayhaps that's because it's not all about graphics? Imagine that. Also, The Walking Dead universe is a very compelling one and it had zombies, which as you know, are very in right now.

Ezz20131898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )


no no no that was never the case dude
it was never about gfx or story

the non-ps3 owners used to bash the game way too much and called it a
" gameplay ..etc"
even though it scored very good and sold very well

but as soon as every one got TWD a game that ripped off HR gameplay all praise and love and no one said any thing about the gameplay
(BTW i have no problem with that ..loved TWD very much too)

this only show the hypocrisy of the fanboys in this gen

Root1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Want to know why it got good scores and most likely won GOTY

The Comic fanbase

The TV Show fanbase

The Game fanbase

THREE Fanbases combined into one...all together it's an army

Seriously though I can't get into the Walking Dead

I mea they said it had good characters for example, yet they were alright, nothing special. Hell I found the characters and their character development better in Uncharted for example then the ones found in the WD game.

ChrisW1898d ago

"The Comic fanbase
The TV Show fanbase
The Game fanbase"

Root is right! Those 3 fanbases are rather strong.

Heavy Rain has two closed niche fanbases that rely strongly on each other. One is that you like such games and the other is that you like Playstation.

TheRealSpy1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Frankly, the entire time i played walking dead i thought "so this is why i would have hated heavy rain."

the only reason i kind of enjoyed the walking dead game is because i like that universe. heavy rain offers me nothing and the child voice acting makes me want to kill children.

video games don't make me violent. bad video games make me violent.

Jobesy1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

This is simple, HR is a PS3 exclusive, TWD is not. Exclusive will always get hate from fanboys, regardless if it was for the PS3, 360 or Wiiu. Granted, there are a lot of PS3 players that don't like HR, or any QTE heavy game, but I'm sure they don't throw the insults that HR gets. I'm sure if HR was a multiplat everything would have been different.

@ Theangrybogan, it has nothing to do with storylines. HR got a lot of hate because some people said that due to QTEs that it wasn't a game, more an interactive movie, or even just a movie and not a game at all. As far as stories go, both of them are cheezy and cliche as hell, but are still fun "games" to me.

Theangrybogan1898d ago



It's because the walking dead has a better story, and in a story based genre it makes a big difference.

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kneon1898d ago

You missed the key difference, one was a Sony exclusive and therefore must be criticized and put down beyond all reason, especially by those that had never actually played the game.

TheRealSpy1898d ago

this is complete BS. it's the opposite. the only reason people even still mention heavy rain is because it was a sony exclusive.

otherwise, everyone would have dismissed it for the crap that it is and it would never be mentioned again.

s45gr321898d ago

Nothing to do with one being an exclusive, is just the story of heavy rain is heavily disjointed along with poor facial animations. Second the gameplay is not very responsive. In contrast twd may lack near photo realistic visuals but its characters, story, and voice acting are top notch compared to heavy rain......

classic2001898d ago

I think heavy rain and walking dead are categorize like this. Both are interactive drama and adventure, but like a movie just because they are both watched in cinemas does not mean they both carry a story you like.

its no different than a lot of people liking GTA 4 and red dead but some people love GTA and hate red dead and some live red dead and hate GTA.

JP13691898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Haven't played Walking Dead yet, but I thought the plot in Heavy Rain was terrible. Plot holes galore and just boring. Obviously there are plenty of people that feel different than me and loved the game and to them it may seem to be a double standard, but if you think about it there's none to speak of. In games like these, plot if paramount. If that fails, the game as a whole starts to go very steeply downhill. Those of us that weren't impressed or interested in the plot would express that in our assessment of the game.
Of course, there are people who never played Heavy Rain but felt the need to bash it simply because it was a high profile Playstation exclusive with gorgeous graphics. However, these people are idiot fanboys and their opinions shouldn't even be considered part of the equation.

grailly1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

the writing, story telling and voice acting were way better in the TWD than in heavy rain.

that said heavy rain did great things, I think that the "no fail-state" system is one of the best features in any game this gen and hope more games would have it.
edit: also in a few parts of the game you could find more clues if you looked around more, that is GREAT! but I can only think of one instane where it was well implemented.

I also think TWD has been praised to much. It's entertaining and the story is great, but it really didn't give players choice at all, and the gameplay was clunky.

JP13691898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I agree that Heavy Rain did have problems and that may be the issue. For me at least, it wasn't an issue of genre, but rather the specific qualities of the game. It might be that I'll like The Walking Dead and if I do it will be because it's an engaging experience, not because I'm purposely holding on to some double standard. People are so sensitive about their hobby that if someone doesn't share their affect for a product but like one that is similar they become convinced that some malevolent force is working against them.

mayberry1898d ago

Not double standard, but Sony exclusive biased. Or to a less 'conspiracy theory observation', it could be the 'higher Sony exclusive standard' alot of reviewers have burdened this generation with.

Abdou231898d ago

Despite the gameplay being similar, some people prefer the story of TWD better.

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bessy671898d ago

In a game that relies so heavily on story the story actually has to be good. Walking Dead's is, Heavy Rain's isn't.

the worst1898d ago

walking dead is way overrated

kreate1898d ago

i thought heavy rain is under-rated?

Ezz20131898d ago

is that an opinion or a fact ?!

dgonza401898d ago

Heavy rain is all about story...

bessy671898d ago

Exactly, and the story's full of plot holes. Walking Dead's story is better than Heavy Rain's.

s45gr321898d ago

True actually both games are but is just heavy rains' story is disjointed and the cast is not strong enough plus the voice acting is a little off compared to the walking dead.

TheRealHeisenberg1898d ago

Hmmm, some good points there. Guess I'll give Heavy Rain a second look.

soultecc1898d ago

i never got the chance to try heavy rain

Scholla1898d ago

Try it its phenomenal! Especially if you like TWD.

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