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Take Two CEO Comments on GTA V's Dual Generation Release

In an investor's call regarding the company's third quarter results, CEO of Take Two Interactive discussed the future of the company in large terms as well some burning questions as to the future of GTA V. One popular notion as of recent has been the possibility of Take Two releasing two versions of the game that play on both current gen systems and next gen as well. Though his statements weren't by any means concrete, as to not take away the spotlight from the people who should be allowed to unveil their next machines, he did have an opinion on whether fans would wait for a second "optimized" version of the game, after it's initial release. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Prcko  +   906d ago
so gta on next ps and xbox confirmed?
or maybe not?
i hate stupid answers like this -.-
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adorie  +   906d ago
He has to answer like this. What I believe it is basically subtle confirmation that the game is in the works for the next gen consoles, but can't go out right and say so, because he has to respect the relationship of their partners.
Hydrolex  +   906d ago
Hmm if that's true then I might hold myself and wait for the next consoles to play GTA V so I can enjoy better graphics and performance... but damn that's gonna be a "Mission Impossible"

or hopefully they will release for PC so I can use my 2k+ computer to max it out

I AM,,,, a huge graphic whore !!
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FlyingFoxy  +   906d ago
Hydrolex i hope your max resolution is 1080P even with the best graphics card, or you'll be getting low framerates, i'm a framerate whore, graphics come second ;)
BLuKhaos  +   906d ago
Yeah same here. Even though I have a PC that can max out most games I still run most games on low or medium for maximum frames.
Hydrolex  +   906d ago
oh baby there's no game that would run slow on my pc, GTX 690, i5 3750 4.6 32gb ram
Sgt_Slaughter  +   906d ago
Why 32GB? After about 12 it seems pointless... Great specs, none-the-less.
t0mmyb0y  +   906d ago
Do you know how much more developing costs this would be? They are just generating more interest. How many people have a PS3 that will prob buy it compared to launch PS4 install base that may buy it along with all the other launch titles. GTA5 won't be on PS4.
metroid32  +   906d ago
WiiU,PS4,720 Versions will be coming i think.

I'm looking forward to Lego City WiiU,290 different characters to morph into wow from firemen to a fishermen all with slapstick humour day1.
nypifisel  +   905d ago

Lol if you gotta play games on low/medium to get "good framerate" then your computer can't max out games. The definition of a high end computer is one that can play new games on high/max settings in an HD resolution and get good framerate.
Tapani  +   905d ago
I'm just a normal whore. For me, graphic quality and FPS are lower than other values in games!

I guess I'm lowest of the lowest even in whore class :(

On topic, I see no harm releasing a second GOTY edition with graphic upgrades and DLC in the box for next gen consoles.
SonyWarrior  +   905d ago
to me that answer means that its only coming to current gen consoles. I wish they do port it though so I can play it on next gen with super far draw distances and being able to snipe people on top of skyscrapers
BLuTheSecond  +   904d ago
By good FPS I mean 60+ FPS.
I can run BF3 on ultra with full AA @ 38-44FPS but I still run it on medium with full AA for the 60+ FPS.
Then there are also poorly optimized games where I have to scale back things to hit the 60+ FPS mark even though my hardware is more than capable.
Like I said in my original comment, when given the chance I always pick framerate over details.
MikeMyers  +   906d ago
It's a political answer because they still want to treat gamers are gullible idiots.
KwietStorm  +   906d ago
Yea? For what purpose?
BLuKhaos  +   906d ago
It is a political answer because they want to cover their butts in case some entitled gullible idiot gamer decides to sue them for "false advertisement" after they say they would make "X" game for "Y" console and then don't.
MikeMyers  +   906d ago
"Yea? For what purpose?"

1. Could be because neither the next Xbox or the PS4 have been officially announced yet.

2. They may not want gamers to know the timeline if the next gen. version comes out later, which of course could stall current gen versions.

3. There is an exclusive deal going on in the background.

4. One of the next gen. consoles could be coming sooner than we think.

There are a bunch of reasons but again we get wishy-washy answers. I don't know why the videogame industry runs so much differently than the movie studios. Games are more often shrouded in secrecy, much more than movies.
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Saigon  +   906d ago

I am starting to think it has to do with choices 3 and 4 that you gave.
yeahokchief  +   906d ago
Just enjoy the best game of all time.

It took how them how many years to make it? And you think you'll wait for a next gen version. lol. uhhh. have fun with that.

He pretty much said buying a PS4 to wait for GTA V would be like stealing a corvette when you don't know how to drive stick. Cuz like.... yeah it's awesome, but what are you going to do with it?

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xursz  +   906d ago
Killzone Mercenary? ;P
JoySticksFTW  +   905d ago
"Just enjoy the best game of all time."

You damn right I enjoy Demon's Souls! :D

On topic though, I'm one of the GTA fans that thought IV took a step back from Vice City or San Andreas.

I like the looser fun style of the older games, which IV's BOGT dlc captured. I hope GTA V remembers the fun as well as the gritty story.
showtimefolks  +   906d ago
most people who want GTA5 will buy it within 1st 30 days, le's say they say GTA5 coming to ps4 and next xbox in early 2014 does that mean you will wait another 3-6 months for most likely minor upgrades?

when consoles come out for 1st year or so most games are port which doesn't represent what the system is truly capable of. I rather them working on next GTA from ground up for next gen systems.

also what he said is so true, early on the install bases are so small for systems its not worth the risk of only releasing it on next gen systems, expect to hear that line a lot because a lot of games will come out on current and next gen systems at the same time.

by the time GTA5 comes out both ps3 and xbox360 will be way pass 80 million sales wise.
BattleTorn  +   905d ago
It would mean I re-purchase it.n (like I would on PC, later - if not on next-gen)
FlyingFoxy  +   906d ago
All Rockstar need to do is up the texture quality/draw distance etc.. and release it on PS4/720, it'll probably look as good as the PC release on high settings if they did that.

Though i'm excited for the PC release, as long as Rockstar know what they're doing with the multiplayer it could end up as fun as SA-MP and have well over 50 players with editable game modes.
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LocutusEstBorg  +   906d ago
Console image quality automatically looks like shit compared to PC. Any PC right from an onboard GeForce 6200 to a GTX 690 will render the game identically pixel for pixel.
konnerbllb  +   906d ago
Well when you have to question their answer it usually means yes. So I would plan on both next gen and this gen supported, although not at launch.
LocutusEstBorg  +   906d ago
Doesn't matter. The PC version will be superior to the next gen versions.
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rainslacker  +   905d ago
He's bound by Non-disclosure agreements to not reveal any information regarding any next gen technology from any company. He would have them from Sony, MS, and Nintendo.
BuLLDoG909  +   905d ago
"There is not one gamer who is going to sit out of GTA V hoping that something that is going to come along down the road that's better. It's going to blow everyone away"

To me that says, no there wont be 2 copies, and that people will be blown away by the game and wont wait out playing it in hopes for a release on next gen...
MultiConsoleGamer  +   906d ago
He seemed to avoid the question.

They asked him if there would be a release on next gen systems and he avoided the subject and gave a non answer.
LOGICWINS  +   906d ago
He could have easily shot it down, but instead pulled the run around.
LOGICWINS  +   906d ago
"There is not one gamer who is going to sit out of GTA V hoping that something that is going to come along down the road that's better. It's going to blow everyone away, and it's going to be in the market in September,"


There WILL be a better version for next-gen consoles, but it won't stop most people from getting it on current gen consoles because most people won't spend $399+ to get a slightly better version of the game at launch.
Irishguy95  +   906d ago
Remember King kong Xbox - Xbox 360 version?

GTA5 will probably be porter over with some improvements like Resolution and FPS with some more texture detail or summit
omi25p  +   906d ago
It could also be like Splinter Cell Double Agent PS2 - PS3. They were literally two completely different games.

Different story, levels everything.
azshorty2003  +   906d ago
The biggest issue with them releasing it so close to the next gen is, for those people that trade in old systems to get the new ones. Now do they wait to sell and buy next gen because they likely won't have BC? Or do they miss out?

Solution: make it for both.

I like the idea of it, but will it come out closer to this gens release? Or will we have to wait 6 months for the PS4/720 release? We would need a concrete answer. Because I would like to get it on PS4, I won't wait 6 months to a year for it.
acmegamer  +   905d ago
So close? Next gen hasn't even been announced yet and even when it is it'll be another year until they go on sale?!
aGameDeveloper  +   905d ago
Alternate translation:

There WILL be a better version for next-gen consoles, but it won't stop most people from getting it on current gen consoles - which means we will be able to make more money on this game due to people re-purchasing the game when they get their new machines. We are timing this release to get the biggest conversion rate possible.
T2  +   905d ago
Exactly. What else could he say really?
But I didnt enjoy gta iv nearly as much as vice city , hope this ones more fun , less tryhard
Ps_alm3k  +   906d ago
smart move. When you dodge a question, it means something.
Root  +   906d ago
So do I wait until the PS4 or not

Pros and Cons need to weighed out

Pro 1 - Possible better graphics

Con 1 - As a Collectors Edition guy, next gen GTAV might not have the CE.
jon1234  +   906d ago
pro of getting it this generation... you get to play it when it gets released, instead of waiting 1 year for them to port it...
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Root  +   906d ago
Thats Pro 2
vickers500  +   905d ago
Pro for waiting: you'll get the full, complete edition with all the dlc for the same price as the regular launch copy.
BitbyDeath  +   906d ago
Probably can't say anything til either E3 or Feb 20
UnholyLight  +   906d ago
You guys are stupid. You can't have CEO that just outs stuff when asked. Too many people on here that don't have clue how things work..
cervantes99  +   905d ago
Most people on here don't have a clue how business works and think every company is out to get them - because screwing over their customers is sound business practice.
Reborn  +   906d ago
I'm not going to trade my consoles in regardless of what comes out or not.

I'll acquire PS4 when I can. So yeah, I'll get GTA for current consoles, probably. But I'd assume it will make an appearance on next gen consoles too.
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KwietStorm  +   906d ago
Man this whole situation sucks. I have GTA withdrawal, and I was REALLY looking forward it in a couple months, but if PS4 does come out this year, I'll have to switch back n forth just for one game. This whole generation there's been release dates thrown around like educated guesses. For a game to get delayed more than 2 seasons, it couldn't have been anywhere near completion, so the original release window comes off as a placebo.
ps3_pwns  +   906d ago
I will be getting the ps4 version :P
DivineAssault  +   906d ago
i dont see why it wouldnt.. That would be a killer launch title.. So why isnt this on wii u? i thought it was getting AAA core game support this time
ps3_pwns  +   906d ago
Idk I dont think nintedo talks with third party devs and ask them whats the lowest specs they need, to be able to port games to it quickly and make it be able to actually play them.
konnerbllb  +   906d ago
Fingers crossed!
solid_warlord  +   906d ago
I have no idea what he meant, can an intelligent person translate his English for me.....
MxRBrobaFett  +   906d ago
Awesome article in which I learned absolutely nothing by reading
akaakaaka  +   906d ago
this gen pros
*you will get to play it first

next gen pros
* better quality game, in every term, textures, fps, online..
* it may come with whatever dlc is already out on sale for the old gen copy.
you may have to wait few months or maybe even a year?

i'm guessing they delay it to make that wait not seem to far from each other..
xplo  +   906d ago
Good lord, people. Reading comprehension.

"There is not one gamer who is going to sit out of GTA V hoping that something that is going to come along down the road that's better."

In other words:

"No, you dumb shit, we're not going to release a next-gen version later because we expect everyone will have already have bought the current-gen version."

He could be lying. He could change his mind later. But for now, that's what he's saying.
T2  +   905d ago
Maybe this hints at ps4 backward compatibility and he expects people to get the game for use with both systems
black911  +   906d ago
Why not just hold off on consoles bo one is in rush for next gen. Consoles and games are stil selling well. And PS3 still has alot of unused potential/power.
cleverusername  +   905d ago
I don't see anyone rushing to release them!!
weap0nx  +   905d ago
By announcing this news. Take Two just lost current GEN sales. I'm gonna wait for "Next Gen GTA V."
cleverusername  +   905d ago
What news? Even when next gen consoles ARE officially announced, it'll be another year until they're released!!
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cyguration  +   905d ago
Do you have any idea how much Sony and MS would lose in sales throughout 2013 and most of 2014 if they waited for a 2014 holiday release of next-gen consoles?

By that time the Xbox 360 will be 9 YEARS OLD! A near decade-old console. There will literally be Android games that look better than what will be on the 360 by 2014. That's business suicide waiting that long to get a new console out.
cleverusername  +   905d ago
Rockstar ALWAYS delay their games!! ALWAYS!! Nothing to do with next gen!!
acmegamer  +   905d ago
Totally agree, you'd think these so called GTA fans would already be aware of this!
NirvanaInChains  +   905d ago
Maybe they will announce the pc version with the next gen console versions if this is true.
Kidmyst  +   905d ago
If they confirmed there would be a PS4 version around Launch or shortly after. I'd wait ofr a PS4 GTAv copy. Same game but would help to have a nice open world game on the new console and will look just that much better. I'm more gameplay over graphice but a big game like GTAV will be, it does help having it look nice flying around or cruisin the streets.
-Gespenst-  +   905d ago
If I was told it was getting a superior version on the Ps4 et al, I definitely wouldn't buy the Ps3 version. I'd wait till I had enough money for a Ps4 and a copy, otherwise I'd feel cheated. This guy has it all wrong.

I think if they want the game to do well, they should stick to the Ps3 et al for the release. The only issue there is the performance. I'm convinced this game will be a mess on the Ps3 et al. The Ps4 wouldn't initially have a big enough install base anyway. Loads of people would just be saving up to buy Ps4s and the Ps4 version. Ignoring the Ps3 version.
Kennytaur  +   905d ago
If they do this right, we should be able to transfer our saves across to the next generation. Now that would be great.
axerated  +   905d ago
Why would you want to do that? I don't mean that to sound insulting or anything I'm just curious why you'd want to start the game on one gen and finish it on another, seems like it'd be better to do one or the other
Kennytaur  +   905d ago
Best of both worlds. Get to play it at launch and with improved visuals later. And did I forget to tell that you get the PS4 version for free as it's on the same 50GB disc?
axerated  +   905d ago
Aside from the fact that his response makes no grammatical sense, the next gen consoles haven't even been officially confirmed, let alone given a release date. Shenanigans
Pillsbury1  +   905d ago
Who cares! If you are reall Gonna wait even more months after it has been released then you are not a huge gta fan. I can not wait anymore, I was hoping to play it this march! :(
GiantFriendlyCrab   905d ago | Offensive
isntchrisl  +   905d ago
Warren Spector made a similar comment about Epic Mickey 2 when he was asked if it would be coming to the Wii U.

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