Max Level | How to Not Suck as a Streamer

Streaming video games has become the recent movement in the gaming industry when it comes to things to do as a gamer. Even more recently there have been numerous companies setting up their own streams to either host community game nights or just let you in on the world of creating a game. Now, If you’re not already streaming video games, you probably have the desire to stream or to at least give it a shot. Some of you couldn’t care less about streaming, in which case, I’d probably stop reading right now because I’m about to bore you to death.

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boogey1571935d ago

I definitely believe streaming is the new thing to do as you can with all the fighting tourneys and League of legends streams along with MLG.

MeatheadMilitia1935d ago

If you think about it Black Ops 2 just updated their game to allow straight to Twitch streaming. That has to count for something when judging where the streaming side of gaming is going

Rikuson11935d ago

Agreed I recorded gameplay is cool and I would be surprise if both next gen console don't have it built in their interface. Streaming will should their also to as it is indeed the future of gameplay recording.

konnerbllb1935d ago

You really have to have a personality to do things like this, not for everyone.

MeatheadMilitia1935d ago

Agreed. If you're a bump on a log you probably wont have anyone watching your stream anyway.... Unless you're a girl and your boobs are popping out.

MeatheadMilitia1935d ago

Whats the most annoying thing about streamers?

Sunnyknight1935d ago

I honestly think the best streams I've seen are the fighting game streams. Level Up Live and Team Sp00ky kill it.

wishingW3L1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

back in the day it was so much more easier. You just streamed some cool game and lots of people would enter your channel. But these days there are so many streamers and the garbage MLG all over the place that the only way to get viewers is by being a clown or a hot girl.

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