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I'm Worried About Aliens: Colonial Marines

4Player-"We're just a week out from the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines and I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical about the prospects. Gearbox is a fantastic studio, but almost everything that we've seen up to this point has led me to believe the Colonial Marines experience may fall short of the tension-filled, atmospher driven experience an Aliens game should be. At this point the blame could just as easily be put on the marketing than anything having to do singularly with Gearbox. But I'm seeing a lot of smoke, and I'm hoping the fire is just part of my imagination. So what are my issues? Here they are, and they seem to go far deeper than anything that can be solved with an 9 foot Alien Prop." (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

showtimefolks  +   1023d ago
This game has been in development for so long and i have high hopes, one thing i was told is the game just doesn't have great graphics and i am fine with that as long as other areas of the game are well polished.

as of now its on my day one buy list
andron666  +   1023d ago
I repost what I just posted in another tread here as it's more appropriate, I have also edited it to make some new points:

I thought I got lucky and bought the game last friday from a shop who clearly had no idea about it's release date, and I have played through the campaign on normal once. And I got bored about halfway through.

The game is buggy, you can walk inside your companions and enemies get stuck. There is a lot of down time waiting for doors to open while your companions chat away. Probably to mask load times, but it's so obvious that it gets old fast.

Ai for both companions and enemies are bad. It just kills the atmosphere when you have your companion and an Alien having a boxing match until you help out. The Aliens aren't very scary since they seem so slow, and if they come to close, as they often will, you'll have to melee them or trow them off with a quick time event. To make matters worse they are badly animated too.

The implementation of the motion tracking sensor doesn't work so well. The screen is too small and the levels dark, so when you finally get yourself orientated the Aliens are on top of you anyway. Just get used to using the shotgun and upgrade all your rifles with one too.

I think the reviews of Aliens: Colonial Marines will probably be about 6-7 on average.

And that is too bad since I had high hopes for this to...
MysticStrummer  +   1023d ago
I suppose there could be a launch day patch that fixes at least some of your concerns. Either way, I've been watching gameplay footage on Youtube and as of now I'm leaning toward Aliens over Dead Space. I can only afford to get one of them and a friend is going to follow my lead for some co-op. Aliens may not be perfect but it looks more fun.
andron666  +   1023d ago
Well there was a 1.01 patch when I started playing that I didn't download. I played about halfway through.

The second time I payed I did download the patch and it was 106 mb. But I think its only for the pre-order items. I still had bugs and bad ai behavior when I finished the game, didn't really notice any difference, but maybe there is another patch later.

Anyway what I'm saying is that you should wait for the reviews, because to me it's an average game and they can't really patch that...
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showtimefolks  +   1023d ago
showtimefolks is my psn add me for some co-op, i usually don't play a lot of games so keep that in mind lol.

oh lucky you lol. crap i had high hopes for this too.

about how long is the single player, to me it felt like this would be 6-7 hrs of single player

also many people i have spoken with say its a co-op game meant to be played with other humans, but i don't have a lot of friends in gaming so i guess i am screwed.

but what you told us isn't good news, even though i had high hopes in back of my head i kind of had a feeling.

BTW i have the same feeling for Last Guardian and Ff13 Versus, when games are in long development it usually means not great games

that's why i am also scared about Bioshcok, too many delays

but anyway thanks for giving us your honest feedback.
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andron666  +   1023d ago
Yeah it seems the game was designed around coop play, but that makes the sp game very bland and not very scary.

I haven't had the chance to play it in coop or mp so that might be fun, but as a single player game this disappoints.

I didn't time my run, but I finished it in two sittings. About 5-6 hours...
WeskerChildReborned  +   1022d ago
Yea as long as i am having fun, it should be good, i'm really hoping this game will be great.
sithsylar  +   1023d ago
I have my doubts when i see a season pass is already available to buy...
Timesplitter14  +   1023d ago
Stop what you're doing, internet, because *this* person is worried about a game
first1NFANTRY   1023d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(3)
doomtrain  +   1023d ago
i watched the 2hour live stream on saturday and i can safely say each one of this guys concerns are completely dumb and unfounded.
TripC50  +   1023d ago
Idk... I watched it too and I saw the aliens boxing his companion ai a bunch
Metamorph93  +   1023d ago
I agree with the sound part of the article. I don't think they're up for making a good horror game. I could be wrong though.
Bio_Mod  +   1019d ago
I've preordered so I'll definatly be getting it but I hate embargoes it always raises questions when I won't be able to skim reviews until the day of release, I just hope its not a DNF the Ign showcase looked pretty good though so fingers crossed

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