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Rumor: Future PlayStation All-Stars DLC Cancelled

Hardcore Gamer: The future of DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is in jeopardy. Abe (from Oddworld) was planned to be made available for the spring, but plans for that have been scrapped. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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Root  +   589d ago
Oh not cool man not cool

So for all the people defending the decision to add poor third party characters and even poor first party ones since a ton were still left unused where you said "They'll be added by DLC".....yeah I don't think that's going to happen

This game could of been so much more but they rushed it and give it to a new Studio with no games under their belt, I mean so much pressure was on them.

They should of waited longer to make this game, got the characters WE wanted and not for promotional reasons for the selected characters new games released/coming up and then give it to a good studio who has proven themselves over the years
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DarkBlood  +   589d ago
it means no possible legend of dragoon characters NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO
Root  +   589d ago
No chance of seeing Legend of Dragoon
No chance of seeing Final Fantasy
No...Gabe Logan
No...Lara Croft
No...Solid Snake
No...Resident Evil
No...Dark Cloud
No...well nothing really

No chances SMALL OR BIG of seeing any of them now.

Honestly they could come out now after all these rumors and say they are working on it but really we all know it's just to calm the storm. Look at the facts they've been cut off from Sony, workers have lost their jobs and Abe is cancelled....I highly doubt more DLC will come out for it. Maybe a crappy character here and there but nothing with the "wow" factor

Plus no new modes, no fixes, no balances etc
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DarkBlood  +   589d ago
yeah, would like to at least have the match finding problem to be fixed somehow it gets minor bothersome when im trying to play with someone or by my self online
MaxXAttaxX  +   589d ago
Sony Santa Monica will handle future content.
Stay informed, people.
sinncross  +   589d ago
This does not necessarily mean that all DLC is cancelled.

For all we know, Santa Monica reviewed the situation and decided against the Abe DLC to instead bring other character about.

I mean, I know that may sound like a stupid idea by SM if true, but I am merely suggesting that we should wait and see if Santa Monica themselves have anything to say on the matter.
HITANDRUN  +   589d ago
Ugh now i have the game with no downloads? whats going on?
showtimefolks  +   589d ago
this is untrue, sony just confirmed yesterday that sony Santa Monica will be handling all the post release dlc

it seems like they are taking a step back to figure out the best way to proceed.
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claudettewebb73   589d ago | Spam
wastedcells  +   589d ago
It's not true people. Relax.
majiebeast  +   589d ago
Already has been updated they are still looking for opportunities for dlc. Abe has been canceled though sadly.

We shall see whats in the future atleast we still get Kat. If they are gonna do another PSASBR they better get a studio with a pedigree. 3 years and everything besides the gameplay was in alpha stage.

These guys were obviously not ready to do a retail title and Sony should have seen that 1 year into development of the title.
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miyamoto  +   589d ago
not surprised
NastyLeftHook0  +   589d ago
ps4 is coming, thats why.
Sony doesn't stop everything related to an older console just because a newer one comes out. They're not Microsoft.
SonyStyled  +   589d ago
nintendo pulled the plug on the wii after the U launched too
admiralvic  +   588d ago
@ SonyStyled

While that is most likely true, that has yet to be proven. You could have said the same of the DS when the 3DS came out, but that still got Black / White 2.
classic200  +   589d ago
sway_z  +   589d ago
To be fair....it looked fun, and I feel for those who've invested in PS Allstars...

I just don't feel it was the best IP they could have come up with. I know it kinda attracts core/casual audiences, so I can see why Sony green lit this game...

But for me, the similarities to Super Smash Bros. put me off getting it for my PS3. Same for LBP Karting/Mariokart rip...

I prefer Sony when they're innovating or re-defining genres.
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LBP Karting/Mariokart rip? <_<

Let me get this straight you think LBPK is an exact rip-off of Mario Kart because they're both in the racing genre (and both feature karts)? -__-" And that put you off from playing it????????

Do you also avoid EVERY shooter in existence because it LOOKS like a rip-off of Doom? Nevermind, don't answer that.

"I prefer Sony when they're innovating or re-defining genres."

Me too but how can they while they're "ripping off" other companies. *Facepalm*
sway_z  +   589d ago
Okay... Pipe down Blonde....Enough of the Melodramatics...it's only an opinion ;)
NightStalker33  +   588d ago
Don't forget about Crash Racing. No one complained about it copying Mario Kart.
LOL_WUT  +   589d ago
Ouch! Well, to be honest the game itself wasn't well received as it sold poorly and I seriously doubt that future DLC could've helped. ;)
Sony should have had one of their better internal teams make it if they wanted it to do well. I knew this would once they put in crappy characters like Raiden over someone like Solid Snake (or even Big Boss) and then added 2 of the same character.

I don't think Sony should make a sequel to this either. Instead they need to make a game that is similar but change the name and how the game plays. They would also need to put in characters that people actually want.
axerated  +   589d ago
While I would have loved old snake, raiden is comfortably the best character in the game
axerated  +   589d ago
@ all the disagree monkeys; lol, fine, school me on who you think is the best character then bitches
yami930  +   589d ago
"Sony should have had one of their better internal teams make it if they wanted it to do well."

Superbot developed the game inconjunction with Santa Monica Studios.

"crappy characters like Raiden over someone like Solid Snake (or even Big Boss)"

Raiden fits very well into the game and is better suited as a character to be put into a fighting game than snake (even though Snake still may make it into the game and I would like to see him happen).

"added 2 of the same character."

There are no 2 characters in the game that are the same.

"I don't think Sony should make a sequel to this either."

I think Sony should definitely make a sequel to this being that the first game is sort of their base / test and now they have all critic and fan feedback to build a sequel off of and improve on everything, as well as if the game succeeds to whatever they see as success, they will most likely have more resources available for a 2nd in a franchise name they have established.

"Instead they need to make a game that is similar but change the name and how the game plays."

So basically you are insisting they make a completely new game or something more like Super Smash bros?

"They would also need to put in characters that people actually want."

The only character in the game I think really doesnt fit and people didnt want is Donte (especially being that his game didnt come out until almost 3 months after Playstation All Stars and no one knew who he was or ever played with him. How can you be an All Star when you technically dont exist and a lot of people dont know you?) but I know a lot of people including myself that wanted / want / expected Dante to be in the game from the beginning, but leave it to Capcom to ruin more than just their own games. The only other character that can be seen as not really being an All Star I think is Big Daddy, but he fits more than Donte, being that he is a popular character from a well recieved and successful franchise.
DOMination-  +   589d ago
If they do a sequel i hope they just call it Battle Royale 2. I know its the least pressing issue but it really was a stupidly long name for a game.
soniqstylz  +   589d ago
"added 2 of the same character."

"There are no 2 characters in the game that are the same."

I think he means good/bad Cole.
yami930  +   588d ago

I was pretty sure he meant the 2 coles lol, but my point was they are not the same character, they play very differently, yeah they share very few moves but are very different when it comes to powers, combos, using supers and play style overall.
Soldierone  +   589d ago
Just that specific one was cancelled. I don't understand why of all the characters, they choose that game....

We want DLC simply because it brings hope to : Spyro, Crash, Lara Croft, Final Fantasy, Disgaea, etc... if none of thats going to happen, then don't bother.
StreetsofRage  +   589d ago
Not surprised. The game completely flopped.
Donnieboi  +   589d ago
Now that you've wasted your lone bubble, u can get back to your 360 and play your lack of exclusives and cycle of yearly halo, gears, forza "sequels".

Stop trolling on ps articles, when u know all of your past comments have been 360 fanboy foolishness.
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axerated  +   589d ago
Doubt they're giving up on all the dlc, they'll not want to miss out on an opportunity to make some more money back, especially when production on it is already far along
-Gespenst-  +   589d ago
Oh man that sucks. All because Sony had to ruthlessly split from Superbot.

Hopefully they make the game this could have been on the Ps4. But sadly I actually sort of doubt that'll happen. Such a waste.
ratcop22  +   589d ago
I think if sony gave it to a company that knew what the heck what if they were doing, this game in my opinion could of rivalved Sb. Oh well a second time won't hurt.
E2S  +   589d ago
it makes no sense to lose money on not making DLC. And as long as the servers keep running, this game is being supported.
Prodigy-X  +   589d ago
007Bond  +   589d ago
LOL how do you fail copying a Nintendo game?
cr33ping_death  +   589d ago
i dont know..and they didnt copy...but i know how your second to last bubble will disappear :)
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007Bond  +   589d ago
You really think my comment disagrees will hurt me? It may do that to you, but I can take it nerd.
cr33ping_death  +   589d ago
oh it doesnt hurt me in the slightest :) but your comment shows how youre down to two bubbles lol
Hicken  +   589d ago
How do you fail commenting? Surely you should be able to answer that.
Feldman9000  +   589d ago
How do you fail failing failure?
SegataShanshiro   589d ago | Trolling | show
gmoney0505  +   589d ago
Superbot gave a good game if people stop trying to b**** about it not being like Smash Bros and actually try to learn to play the game. Learn how to block, get to know combos, learn what moves gets hit confirms. I see people play games now and that just go straight to the offense and not be smart. Then they lose 10 matches in a row and try to call the game trash. Its like this generations of gamers just hate to adapt in games now and just complain cause every game is not the same. It should have a damage meter blah, blah, blah.

Yes the game do have some flaws in it, but not being like Smash Bros is not one of them.
Y_5150  +   589d ago
But Santa Monica Studios will be taking hold of the future as Sony stated:

earlier http://n4g.com/news/1167226...

We will see more DLC probably depending on...wait a second...this could be like Killzone 3 all over again...
o-Sunny-o  +   589d ago
Maybe Naughty Dog should had there hands on this game after all...maybe a third person all out brawl would be better...I'm pretty bummed about the whole dlc part.
Tzunoy  +   589d ago
Za' game is a fail why to invest further in this? Because of 10.000 blind fanboys that roar like crazy? A street fighter style on this game would been better. To late now.
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ginsunuva  +   589d ago
Santa Monica should use the God of War engine and make a 3d fighter next gen (like powerstone) similar to their GoW:A multiplayer.
jakmckratos  +   589d ago
Strogly doubt this seeing as Sony just said internal studios would be running the DLC in the future...why say this if there is none? Plus Seth Killian announced following the announcement of Kat and Emmet Graves that some loud psasbr fans would be getting their way with a couple ore DLC characters
smashcrashbash  +   589d ago
It's not true you idiots. Sony gave the job to Sony Santa Monica.They just said so a short time ago.
Father Murder X  +   588d ago
Another game that the sony Fanboys hyped up that failed to sell worth a damn. Having said that the game wasn't too bad but it felt like a downloadable title instead of a disc based game.

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