Bentley’s Hackpack Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Full Game Includes Trophies

When the PlayStation Store updates later today, Bentley’s Hackpack will become available to everyone with a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita for $2.99, complete with Cross Buy.

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doctorstrange1359d ago

Just gonna get the main game

Wedge191359d ago

But... but... the trophies! The beautiful trophies!

TrendyGamers1359d ago

Probably just some bronzes and sivers, with 1 gold mixed in.

TrendyGamers1359d ago

For $3, it seems like it might be worth it.

Foolsjoker1359d ago

That is pretty tempting.

ftwrthtx1359d ago

3 bucks and it has trophies? That's enticing right there.