The Witcher 3: First 12 Screenshots from GameInformer

Giochi ATuttoNet writes: "First The Witcher 3 screenshot from GameInformer"


UPDATE: Images comes from digital edition of the GameInformer Magazine, just released.


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Prcko1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

OMG :000
next gen is gonna be A W E S O M E!!!!
Whales??,can't w8

kudakadere1660d ago

Only 15 more days til Ps4 :OOO

grailly1660d ago

I'm sooooo looking forward to that, but I don't know if it'll make the wait worse or easier

BattleTorn1660d ago

Hey,I'm a little behind on the whole PS4 on Feb.20th rumors, namely because they seem like rumors.

What is this based on? A countdown clock?

Didn't Sony already say they're going to let MS announce first?

I've admittedly been under for the last couple weeks. PM me if need be.

BitbyDeath1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Link here -

Also confirmation on investors attending -

metroid321660d ago

Looks very poor these ps4 graphics are they nextgen or last gen.

mistajeff1659d ago

It's a "last-gen" renderer inside a "next-gen" engine. They're building the world while another part of the team builds the new rendering tech which has yet to be implemented, so it looks much closer to the witcher 2 at this point.

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Letros1660d ago

This is PC, no need to wait :-P

Gildarts1660d ago

Did CDprojekt confirm that or Did you decide that this is on PC? for all we know these could have been taken from a NextGen Xbox or PS4.

Letros1660d ago

Are you implying that next gen consoles are more powerful than top end PCs? lol

Pandamobile1660d ago

It's on PC and next-gen consoles, boyo.

metroid321660d ago Show
delboy1660d ago

Looks good, but has last gen trees lol

Starfox171659d ago

Lets all agree this game looks average at best certainly not up to the level of Xenoblade WiiU that's king of GRAPHICS at the moment ive seen nothing like it before immense detail for a game world.

1nsomniac1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I think he means these are Witcher 2 ultra graphics settings on PC already which are running on a console so if you have a High spec PC you can already play Witcher 2 at this detail but if your a console gamer you'll be getting ultra settings quality on consoles soon :)

dirthurts1659d ago

A high end pc will still outperform the next consoles, so why even argue about it?

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juandren1660d ago

And this is only the start. Just imagine the middle of each console's life cycle. That is where the perfect balance comes between how good the games are and how good the graphics are. Is it just me or does the guy on the horse look like Liquid Ocelot? 0.o

AngelicIceDiamond1660d ago

Next gen will be sick, and its official. CD Project Red was the very first company to showoff a next gen title. A PC cross next gen title mind you.

Either way, Its The very first next gen titles, and it looks stunning.

FamilyGuy1660d ago

So this is gonna be an open world rpg? Count me in, nice to see a possible launch title that already seems worth buying and it's not even complete yet.

Mariusmssj1660d ago

For those not impressed don't forget RedEngine3 is still under development, Graphics will get better!!!

1659d ago
Starfox171659d ago

Not with these graphics ? and this is probably using a high end gaming pc not impressed.

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Walker1660d ago

Looks alot like witcher 2 on PC and Not impressive as a next-gen game IMO, i want more and more .

Irishguy951660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

They've stated exactly why that is(It most certainly won't be by the time of release). Don't expect this game to be anything less than a next gen experience.

What I really love is that they are getting Ai up there. Happy they are focusing on that as barely any devs do(coughbethesda).


NYC_Gamer1660d ago

TW3 is still early in developement

papashango1660d ago

doesn't matter. I don't expect next-gen console games to look any different then the games I've played on high end pc's for the last 3 years. I'm not disappointed by all means. It just means developers will start taking advantage of hardware again.

Finally be rid of these current gen crap textures in my games.

I just hope next-gen consoles can push 60fps @ 1080p. You will find devs that can and devs that can't or don't want to. Me guess is next-gen this issue will finally make it's grand appearance. FPS next-gen will be what graphics was this gen.

Walker1660d ago

I know but we are talking about the next generation bro .


If you think they will pull next-gen graphics with next-gen features with this scope/type of game with not as much value as blockbuster games, you are just over-expecting. I saw how a bearded monster was animated in the interview, doesn't look promising at all. They can't create a groundbreaking tech by themselves in a short time with no money faucet or qualified scientific engineers.

kwyjibo1660d ago

Next gen, for both Microsoft and Sony, is just a PC. Not even a top spec one.

younghavok1660d ago

thats kind of what Ive been saying for a while. And while the images dont look bad and Im sure they will improve, its not blowing my mind like the jump from PS to 2, or 2 to 3. I think alot of fans are setting themselves up for disappointment

NastyLeftHook01660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

yeah it does not look next gen at all. the only games i believe look next gen are beyond two souls, and watchdogs.

starchild1660d ago Show
pandehz1660d ago

Beyond two souls does not look nextgen at all.

It is a fine looking game and has a good atmosphere going for it but just look at it wide and look in the details and both ways its stinks current gen.

Nothing wrong with it but its not next gen.

Dasteru1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

@starchild & pandehz:

Nice troll attempt but no.

Watchdogs looks good but its not better than Beyond Two Souls and The Witcher 3 doesn't come close.

To the disagree's, put your bias aside and watch the video before disagreeing with fact. The texture detail in Beyond Two Souls is on a whole different level than either Watchdogs or The Witcher 3.

Honestly i hadn't even heard of either Watchdogs or Beyond Two Souls til seeing the comments here and checking youtube. (guess im just behind the loop) but watching the vids on youtube, it is clear to anyone with working eyes which one looks better. Neither of them really interests me gameplay wise though.

Added a link for Watchdogs also for people to easily compare. Make sure to watch both in HD.