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Redbox Instant Coming to Xbox 360 (Console Exclusive)

Today Microsoft's happy to reveal that Redbox Instant by Verizon will be coming to Xbox 360 in the very near future. If you are currently a Redbox Instant beta participant, you’ll receive an email with a unique code to access the app on Xbox 360 in the coming days. Interested newcomers to the Redbox Instant beta can request entry into the beta by visiting www.RedboxInstant.com. (Microsoft, Redbox, Xbox 360)

Christopher  +   779d ago
Sounds awesome, but Redbox Instant is the most overpriced digital service out there currently. Hopefully Redbox Instant will get their prices down. Buying/renting on XBL is currently a cheaper solution.
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Blacktric  +   779d ago
"but Redbox is the most overpriced digital service out there currently."

So it should feel right at home considering XBL Marketplace is also one of the most overpriced digital download services out there when it comes to digital copies of games...



Jesus christ.

And as a comparison, I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution + all the DLC (Missing Link, Tong's Rescue and weapon/money packs) for about 8 quid off of the PSN summer sale in 2012.
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Christopher  +   779d ago
There's a sale going on everyday on XBL Marketplace in comparison to what's on Redbox.

iTunes and Amazon VOD are still the best places to get deals on digital movies. So, if you go Amazon VOD you'll be even better.
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steam <3 Got deus ex 1 and revolution for $7.50 + free cloud saving.
ThatGuy2  +   779d ago
Yet you pay 60 dollars for a last gen game with a HD painted over it
Blacktric  +   779d ago
"Yet you pay 60 dollars for a last gen game with a HD painted over it"



Edit: "Did you just compare Summer Sale prices with regular prices? How is that a fair comparison?"


Deus Ex: Human Revolution, along with a huge majority of the titles, never went down below 10 quids in price on Xbox Live Marketplace. And a couple of times, they dropped the prices of the DLCs. You don't have to make a comparison to know that prices of Live Marketplace, let alone at the times of the so called sales they make, are pathetic. From time to time, they do drop the price of a specific old release to less than 10 quid though. Whereas you regularly see that kind of price drop on PSN let alone Steam, not to mention the lower "non sale time" prices. Microsoft is extremely greedy with their digital retail title pricing policy. Period.

As a side note; the second link I gave was for Deus Ex: HR pricing but apparently I gave the wrong page's link so here's the correct one, showing the 15 quid pricetag.

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Kingdom Come  +   779d ago
Did you just compare Summer Sale prices with regular prices? How is that a fair comparison?
Soldierone  +   779d ago
How much is it to buy movies?

In terms of renting, its the cheapest. 1 dollar rentals at kiosks, plus this one is 9 dollars with 4 free rentals of new movies on top of the digital service. With Netflix you'd be paying 15 dollars to get "new releases" in physical form.

Compared to other digital services charging 5+ dollars to rent a movie for one day.
Christopher  +   779d ago
This is purely digital in discussion, not the disc rentals.

Here's a good run down of the various services available:



- Redbox doesn't win at anything
- Offers very few stream movies with subscription
- Has the most expensive subscription cost/movie
- Highest average movie rental cost
- Highest average movie purchase cost
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kreate  +   779d ago
Have any of u guys tried the beta?

I'm still glad its on a console. Hopefully its for silver members.

If u guys tried the beta, its pretty crappy. As of current beta status that is.
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007Bond  +   779d ago
2 dollars for 1 game rental is alot? If you beat the NEW game in 3 days the most you will pay is 6 bucks maybe you should get a job?
Christopher  +   779d ago
Redbox != Redbox Instant

Perhaps you should understand what the article is talking about?
007Bond  +   779d ago
It's still not even that much quit coming in here with negative crap just cause your a cheap ass
Christopher  +   779d ago
***It's still not even that much quit coming in here with negative crap just cause your a cheap ass***

Not a cheap arse, just a smart consumer. Why rent/buy a movie from Redbox Instant when I can do it cheaper from XBLive Marketplace or Amazon VOD, two services already on the 360?

Furthermore, you have a lot more options through those as well.

You might need to step back and realize that every service out there isn't "awesome" and that you might be wasting more money than you should on a service that others provide better.
Ripsta7th  +   778d ago
Not all of us get supported by our parents you know, so we have to make priorities in life on what to buy!
FamilyGuy  +   779d ago
How is it overpriced? The only price I see is $8 a month like netflicks with the bonus of getting 4 disc-based kiosk rentals per month too.

What are the high priced downloads, I thought redbox had new releases?

Amazons video on demand and the SEN digital movie rentals are way more expensive at $2-$5 per movie rental :/
What are xbox lives new movie rental prices like?
Christopher  +   779d ago
I posted this above, but please refer to this:

whoyouwit04  +   778d ago
how is red box over priced when it's 8$ a month.
KwietStorm  +   779d ago
lol console exclusive
kreate  +   778d ago
u can still use it on the ps3 using the web browser.
so it's not really console exclusive.

but the app is console exclusive.
hazardman  +   778d ago
I laughed at that one too, hahahahahahaha...... anyway if I rent I usually use xbox movie service. My psn account doesn't play movies because when I sold my launch ps3 I didn't deactivate, sadly you can't reset account for movie play(1) just for game play(5).
KwietStorm  +   778d ago
Call them up and have them deactivate it
hazardman  +   778d ago
I did it online, but didn't think about calling Sony to see if they can do it for me. Good looking out tho!!
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Soldierone  +   779d ago
I can't stand the "timed exclusive" crap. Honestly they are fighting off Netflix, and what does Netflix do so well? They put the service on every single device that releases. Selling out and cutting off millions of users is not very smart. combine that with the reported DRM issues everyone is having, so I think I'll pass for sure.

Love Redbox kiosks, but phone companies need to stay away from digital streaming. I really don't want them involved at all, look at what they do with cell phones. Next thing you know this studio is timed exclusive there, exclusive here, we need to raise prices every 2 months, and now you need to sign two year contracts just to get movies..... yeah, i hope Netflix keeps them out.
Christopher  +   779d ago
Netflix did sign a similar agreement with Microsoft, they just got around it by putting the 'software' on a disc instead of on PSN. So, they're no angels in this.

In the end, Microsoft buys the exclusivity and these people can really use the money as they develop their new apps and services. Their bottom line doesn't get hurt and it's unlikely they'll lose customers just because of the exclusivity.

Having said that, timed video game DLC is just petty and solely serves to drive people towards new hardware as opposed new services.
MikeMyers  +   779d ago
Anyone who thinks they will drop the Live fee next gen. is sadly mistaken. Microsoft will continue to try and integrate it's own features like cross-voice chat and Kinect voice and motion controls into all of these apps to cloud the reason why playing online multiplayer games will also continue to have a Gold fee attached to it.

So by saying we have UFC, ESPN, this and all the other things they can show the consumer what value Gold brings. All while not giving the consumer the option of just having online multiplayer access. It's actually highway robbery in todays times because of so many games now benefiting from online access.
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UnholyLight  +   779d ago
Hey MikeMyers. Yes you arre right in some aspects. But XBL is going to have (well it NEEDS in my opinion) a revolutionary overhaul. I believe this IS on it's way with the new system. It's going to be better than PS+ no doubt. That's what I would do If I worked with Microsoft to develop the next version of XBL
MikeMyers  +   779d ago

They have to do something. Sony has managed to vastly improve its network, all while being free. They have also managed to make Plus into a service that really supports the free core plan and showing true value upfront. Nintendo has also come a long ways and they too offer free online play. Steam as well.
deadfrag  +   779d ago
Look its Usa only once more!
matrixman92  +   779d ago
oh...i thought this would be a straming service for games (which is all i find redbox good for)...i dont care anymore
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CPTN MITCHELL  +   779d ago
@thatguy2 can u give names please... And to me redbox sucks with all of those straight to dvd movies like 12-12-12
MultiConsoleGamer  +   779d ago
That is a pretty big score.
cleverusername  +   779d ago
Wow, another pointless exclusive for Microsoft!! Well done!!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   779d ago
Hicken  +   779d ago
@Belking: If you would, please list last year's and this year's lineups for the Vita and 360. I think you'll see rather easily which of the two "can't bring the games."

Need I say: the list must be exclusives.

On topic: so what's the difference between instant and normal Redbox? Just the fact that it's digital? And why would a phone company need to get involved?
Oh_Yeah  +   779d ago
Yeah xbox's only AAA EXCLUSIVE franchise is Forza. Gears of War, Halo, Alan Wake, Fable.. They're all available on pc.
hazardman  +   778d ago
i hate when fanboys and pc heads always like its not exclusive its on pc too....
Its doesn't matter for ms because those games are on Windows Games. So they see it as a win win!!

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