The biggest game releases of 2013

The GamesBeat staff chimes in with their predictions for the most notable games of 2013.

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Caligula1900d ago

Yakuza 5 will be amaaaazing.

007Bond1900d ago

GTA V will make everything look like garbage

dlpg5851900d ago

i'm waiting anxiously for everything to suddenly decompose

SybaRat1900d ago

Saving up to buy everything.

Donnieboi1899d ago

I'm saving for ps4, a launch game or two, and maybe The Last of Us game. That's it.

ThePsychoGamer1900d ago

Come on Sega, just announce Yakuza 5 in the west.

Jek_Porkins1900d ago

So many great games releasing this year, or what we all hope are going to be great games. The bad part is that I'm saving for the next Xbox and PlayStation (Already have a Wii U), so I cant afford to buy all the games I'd like on current gen when they release. Gears Judgment and The Last Of Us are pre-ordered already, probably gonna have to wait on just about everything else so I can get new hardware and some software to go with it.

Campy da Camper1900d ago

I hear ya brother. I am praying the ps4s top tier model (if there is a low and high end one) comes in at 499.99 or less. I can only spare about an extra hu red a month.

Jek_Porkins1899d ago

Ya, not sure why I got so many disagrees, but who can really afford the next Xbox, PlayStation and games for those consoles, as well as all the current gen games coming out? I don't have an extra $3000 laying around. It sucks that I cant buy everything I want, but I have to set priorities.

TongkatAli1900d ago

Soul Sacrifice is my #1. The multiplayer is going to be insane and UNIQUE.

Irishguy951900d ago

Last of Us
Naruto storm 3
MG Rising
Ni no kuni(sold out atm)
Soul sacrifice

These are the games I can name off the top of my head that I want. I'm sure there are alot of others too/ Watch dogs..Rome 2...I'll just stap

TongkatAli1900d ago

We gonna fight together on release, but you better not sacrifice me MOFO. Give me the LOOT!

IMightBeRetarded1899d ago

Soul Sacrifice
The Last of Us
Killzone Mercenary
Bioshock Infinite (and the vita game if it ever comes out)
If Tearaway has some more footage to convince me I may need to save up for that as well

.... And I need to buy persona 4 golden at some point in time.

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The story is too old to be commented.