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Saints Row 4 Could Come as Soon as August

Saints Row 4 could be headed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this August, rather than on the next-generation consoles expected to launch this fall. Publisher Deep Silver, who picked up the property following the dissolution of THQ, has yet to confirm any details. (PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

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bacrec1  +   521d ago
Ha! Ha! Hell no!
NastyLeftHook0  +   521d ago
looks like they want to duke it with gta
Root  +   521d ago
Why...they've JUST acquired the franchise

Hold it off a while, make it into your own and make it better then past instalments

Why SR4 anyway they should just reboot it
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LordMe  +   521d ago
Well, we all knew Volition was working on it. They said some of the DLC for SR3 was canned to make it into the full game of SR4, so it might be mostly finished.

Just hope it feels more like 2 then 3.
Root  +   521d ago
"Just hope it feels more like 2 then 3."

Thats the problem though it won't be

Look at what that DLC was....a matrix type thing with aliens.....ALIENS and not in the Giorgio Tsoukalos way
Prodigy-X  +   521d ago
No, I wanted it for next gen consoles.

I'm getting tired of people coming into the comment section and hitting the disagree on everybody comments. Why won't you man up and post a reply on why your disagreeing.
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Tonester925  +   521d ago
I disagreed with you because...... yeah
KaBaW  +   521d ago
And, welcome to N4G.
stefan771  +   521d ago
People are disagreeing because they want this game soon instead of in a few years
Prodigy-X  +   521d ago
I doubt it would take years. Probably come out next year if they were aiming for next gen consoles.
stefan771  +   521d ago
Depends on when next gen consoles release
aliengmr  +   520d ago
Yep, and then they will be shocked when its completely destroyed by GTA5 and the franchise in canned for poor sales.

I remember Vampire: TM bloodlines.

I want it yesterday, but I don't want to go up against GTA5.

For the record, I don't really believe there will be a fall release.
DigiteX  +   521d ago
August would be good. If i knew i was going up against GTA, i would wanna be out first to.
Saryk  +   521d ago
I’m a PC only guy, so I would prefer next gen myself. SR3 is good still and there is more DLC they could make! I prefer SR3 over GTA any day of the week!
Riderz1337  +   521d ago
Lol if they are doing this in an attempt to battle it out with GTA V I say it's not worth it. No game can affect the sales of GTA. NO GAME.
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aliengmr  +   521d ago
That's true unfortunately. And if this is true, its an extremely bad move. They should wait a few months, even just 1 year.
Chris558  +   521d ago
I think despite the fact i love saints row franchise and want the game asap it should be coming out in 2014 until that time gta sales will be untouchable but regardless i buy it anytime
stefan771  +   521d ago
Can't wait

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