Iwata: Wii U NFC to be used for payments or in-game, prototypes due this year


'The Wii U GamePad includes a near-field communication function, but you wouldn't know it if you didn't, say, read obsessively about game consoles on the Internet. At the moment, no Wii U game uses it for anything, not even Skylanders, which ships with its own NFC reader.'

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sloth33951443d ago

the card one is better then entering numbers just makes it faster

BullyMangler1443d ago

yur dreaming if you think the wiiU game-pad rumbLez

maybe sony will add S. 3D and a rumble ft. to their game-pad for ps4 . with 7.5' h.d. screen ?


BlackWolf1443d ago

You just went full retard.

nintendojunkie281443d ago

Yeah he did..he should know better....You never go full retard!

pedroyamato1443d ago ShowReplies(1)
cleft51443d ago

So the console will literally print money this time lol.