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"This impenetrable, finely tweaked, miniature godsend needs to be experienced, loved and cherished. It’s a game that defies and defiles expectation by being one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had on a portable gaming system. Having the ability to put the handheld into sleep, and begin seamlessly from where I left off, makes this story-driven treasure a complete game-changer. Fighting games? No. Racing games? No. Puzzle games? No. We’ve found what the PlayStation Vita was made for; now let’s take advantage of that. Full-on and fascinating single-player experiences just like the old days of gaming.

Gravity Rush is a pocket paradise and has raised the bar so high that I can’t wait to see the opposition. I doubt I can be amazed much further by any other portable game in the future." - Matt Jonas

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Y_51501902d ago

It's a fantastic game, really my favorite game on the Vita. But it's not perfect in my eyes.

dafegamer1901d ago

no game is perfect, not even the gta games with a metascore of 98

BullyMangler1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

thi is a game changer eh ? . . games will from now on be inspired by this in EVERY way huh . . seems odd how FEW reviews for this a game came to be critiqued as perfect .. .


too bad this aint on the wiiU game-pad. I held the Vita the other day, and yikes! the wrong placement of the vita joysticks and the way you have to hold that thing is AWKWARD . . fact is, a GameGear feels more comfy than a Vita . even a regular Gameboy .

. if anybody owns a Vita, get those comfort trigger grips they made for it . HELP your Vitas . .

TongkatAli1902d ago

Wii U gamepad and Vita are comfortable to me. I don't think the placement of the analogs or the shape of the Vita that made it uncomfortable for you.

It was the Sony logo that made your hands cramp.

Hicken1902d ago

Man, troll elsewhere.

Had mine since Day 1, and have NEVER had any problems with how it feels to hold. Hell, I've played 5+ hour sessions of Gravity Rush and only had to adjust how I was SITTING; my hands have been fine.

Then again, you're the... silly person... running around saying a SQUARE 3DS is more comfortable than a ROUND Vita, so...

r211901d ago

bully, you are just hell bent on making the vita into a square shaped design arent you.

BullyMangler1901d ago

its the joysticks man, the joysticks . . even a ps3 controller is comfier than a vita

BullyMangler1902d ago

hmm . nno . lets just not really talk much about the COMFORT grips they made for the vita . and yes, im sure the vita is as comfy as the game-pad . it makes total sense. yea