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Submitted by GameCola 1025d ago | review

Gravity Rush Review | GameCola

"This impenetrable, finely tweaked, miniature godsend needs to be experienced, loved and cherished. It’s a game that defies and defiles expectation by being one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had on a portable gaming system. Having the ability to put the handheld into sleep, and begin seamlessly from where I left off, makes this story-driven treasure a complete game-changer. Fighting games? No. Racing games? No. Puzzle games? No. We’ve found what the PlayStation Vita was made for; now let’s take advantage of that. Full-on and fascinating single-player experiences just like the old days of gaming.

Gravity Rush is a pocket paradise and has raised the bar so high that I can’t wait to see the opposition. I doubt I can be amazed much further by any other portable game in the future." - Matt Jonas (Gravity Rush, PS Vita) 10/10

Y_5150  +   1025d ago
It's a fantastic game, really my favorite game on the Vita. But it's not perfect in my eyes.
TheLastGuardian  +   1025d ago
10/10 =/= perfect
dafegamer  +   1025d ago
no game is perfect, not even the gta games with a metascore of 98
bullymangLer  +   1025d ago
thi is a game changer eh ? . . games will from now on be inspired by this in EVERY way huh . . seems odd how FEW reviews for this a game came to be critiqued as perfect .. .


too bad this aint on the wiiU game-pad. I held the Vita the other day, and yikes! the wrong placement of the vita joysticks and the way you have to hold that thing is AWKWARD . . fact is, a GameGear feels more comfy than a Vita . even a regular Gameboy .

. if anybody owns a Vita, get those comfort trigger grips they made for it . HELP your Vitas . .
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TongkatAli  +   1025d ago
Wii U gamepad and Vita are comfortable to me. I don't think the placement of the analogs or the shape of the Vita that made it uncomfortable for you.

It was the Sony logo that made your hands cramp.
Hicken  +   1025d ago
Man, troll elsewhere.

Had mine since Day 1, and have NEVER had any problems with how it feels to hold. Hell, I've played 5+ hour sessions of Gravity Rush and only had to adjust how I was SITTING; my hands have been fine.

Then again, you're the... silly person... running around saying a SQUARE 3DS is more comfortable than a ROUND Vita, so...
r21  +   1025d ago
bully, you are just hell bent on making the vita into a square shaped design arent you.
bullymangLer  +   1025d ago
its the joysticks man, the joysticks . . even a ps3 controller is comfier than a vita
bullymangLer  +   1025d ago
hmm . nno . lets just not really talk much about the COMFORT grips they made for the vita . and yes, im sure the vita is as comfy as the game-pad . it makes total sense. yea
dafegamer  +   1025d ago
omg best portable game ever

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