10 Reasons The Last of Us Will Be Awesome

The Last of Us is the upcoming survival action adventure game from acclaimed developer Naughty Dog. Matt of Gaming Irresponsibly counts down 10 reason why he believes this game will be awesome.

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StrongMan1903d ago

It's developed by the Naughty Godz and published by Sony and that's the only confirmation I need.

Walker1903d ago

Well Said, Bubble up + to you buddy:).

joab7771903d ago

thats funny...almost exactly what i was gonna say. With all the work though and naughty dog being their #1 or 2 company, i wonder what comes at launch. Sony Santa Monica is busy now too.

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ps3vita4life1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

All you need is two words, NAUGHTY DOG!!!

Ezz20131903d ago

with all the videos we saw
the gfx ,Gameplay, story, sound,acting are all top notch

and of course it's ND

black9111903d ago

#1.It's a PS3 Exclusive and it wont be limited by the 360.