10 Reasons The Last of Us Will Be Awesome

The Last of Us is the upcoming survival action adventure game from acclaimed developer Naughty Dog. Matt of Gaming Irresponsibly counts down 10 reason why he believes this game will be awesome.

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StrongMan1776d ago

It's developed by the Naughty Godz and published by Sony and that's the only confirmation I need.

Walker1776d ago

Well Said, Bubble up + to you buddy:).

joab7771776d ago

thats funny...almost exactly what i was gonna say. With all the work though and naughty dog being their #1 or 2 company, i wonder what comes at launch. Sony Santa Monica is busy now too.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1776d ago

^ I really like ND and Sony and I agree with your prospective on things but you shouldn't say things the way you do. That's why you have one bubble. I really like Sony, PS3, and most likely PS4 along with their 1st party games and especially ND but I try not to make it 100% obvious to everyone and in every post i make on here. Lol

smashcrashbash1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

You shouldn't stifle the guy's enthusiasm. It shouldn't be a crime to like a developer a lot or be excited for a game. Naughty Dog has a reputation making spectacular games so I can understand his enthusiasm.There is too much of that going around with people trying to stifle your excitement for something.Like for instance I don't care what anyone says.I will be excited for the PS4 until I hear otherwise. I say don't add anymore ignorance to N4G as it already has.Losing bubbles isn't the end of the world.And what is with this author hating on UC and then saying he isn't hating on it.Uncharted was a completely different game.Drake was a wise cracking adventurer.Would you have preferred if he just walked around depressed at or scream at everything that happened.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1776d ago

^ have you read lots of his post or just this one? I'm not bashing him in any way just giving him advice so he can get some bubbles and join more conversations instead of just having one post per article.

Il_Exile_lI1775d ago

It's possible to like something without liking every single aspect of it. I enjoyed the Uncharted games a lot, 2 and 3 in particular, it just so happens that a lot about the direction Naughty Dog is going with The Last of Us seems to be exactly the opposite of the things I didn't care for in Uncharted, which is a big reason why I am looking forward to the game so much.

ps3vita4life1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

All you need is two words, NAUGHTY DOG!!!

Ezz20131776d ago

with all the videos we saw
the gfx ,Gameplay, story, sound,acting are all top notch

and of course it's ND

black9111776d ago

#1.It's a PS3 Exclusive and it wont be limited by the 360.