New Borderlands 2 Hot Fix Available Now, Thermitage is now Friendlier

It looks like Gearbox is a fan of hot fixes, as their second in 7 days is now available to get on your PlayStation 3. As opposed to a standard patch that requires you to download something, the hot fix automatically updates once you get past the start menu, provided you are connected to the internet.

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dbjj120881630d ago

Great to see a developer actually supporting their games on PS3.

alexcosborn1630d ago

For sure. See Bethesda, it's not hard!

ftwrthtx1630d ago

After launch support is a must

Wedge191630d ago

Gearbox's Borderlands 2 support has been incredible.

Wintersun6161630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

When are they going to patch the scope zoom stat back in? It's extremely frustrating to buy a sniper with otherwise good stats but find out it only has a zoom of 1.2 after you've already bought it.