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God of War dev: With PS4 on horizon, 'I wouldn't give up my PS3 just yet'

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "The PlayStation 3 has had an amazing run. Nearly seven years old, this is one of the longest lifecycles we've seen in terms of console development. Now, with the PlayStation 4 presumably on its way -- a reveal expected at a February 20th Sony event -- all eyes are on the future. But not everybody is ready to give up on the PS3 just yet." (God of War: Ascension, PS3, PS4)

If ps4 comes with Backwards Compatibility I am giving up on ps3 and 720p.


Because I will only use one. Fair enough?
Why would I keep a ps3 to play ps3 games on ps4?

If Sony confirms Backwards Compatibility on the 20th I will sell my ps3 before the value goes down near ps4 launch and advertisement, add money to get ps4 and play the last of us end of 2013.

I am not attached to any box.
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Dark11  +   939d ago
Why not keep both?
Kamikaze135  +   939d ago
If you're getting a PS4 and it does everything the PS3 can do AND more....why keep it? May as well sell it to make the purchase cheaper.
Kurisu  +   939d ago
Agreed! The PS3 will be a Blu Ray player in the bedroom, whilst PS4 will be the centerpiece of the living room :)
guitarded77  +   939d ago
Because some of us have too many devices networked in our gaming rigs. I have 4 HDMI splitters routing to three screens. I have God knows how many things plugged into to power conditioners, and I have limited space. If I can consolidate into less hardware, I am better off.
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Dylila  +   939d ago
the ps3 is the most powerful console right now and the best system to have when you consider the amount of quality title it has exclusively.
Seraphemz  +   939d ago
I wonder if you will be able to use the same username... and if so, will the PS4 be considered one of the two consoles you can have active...
MmaFan-Qc  +   939d ago
"If you're getting a PS4 and it does everything the PS3 can do AND more....why keep it? May as well sell it to make the purchase cheaper."

the same reason why i kept my NES even if i can play all my game as .ROM

sure you can always sell your stuff, but i prefer keeping them since ive been a gamer all my life since 83.
NastyLeftHook0  +   939d ago
financial issues perhaps, like paying your rent, bills, gas ect.
guitarded77  +   939d ago
@ Seraphemz

Yes, it will use the same user name... your PSN ID is tied to your Sony Entertainment account and crosses over platform.

As for it counting toward your PS console count, I don't think so. The Vita is considered separate and uses the same ID account, so I think PS4 will be the same. I have 3 PS3's and at least hope this is the case. Purchases made before a certain date can be on 5 machines.

As for those saying not to throw away the PS3... I'm not talking about throwing it out, but like I said, I have limited space in my rig, and the more wires I have, it becomes a fire hazard. If the PS4 is BC, then my PS will go into retirement like my Atari 2600 and other consoles. I may still bring it out occasionally if needed for a specific game/feature that my not be playable on PS4.

But if I kept all my consoles out that I collected over the years, it would be a bloody mess, and the fire department would shut me down :D No one is knocking on the PS3... it's my favorite console to date, but if the PS4 can play PS3 games to the same or even better standard, there is no reason to have it taking up space.
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nintendoland  +   939d ago

do you even believe that yourself?
fossilfern  +   939d ago
Well if its true that its using off the shelf parts the PS3 backwards compatibility will be either software based or no compatibility at all unless Sony are willing to ship each PS4 with a shrunk down Cell.
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Ezz2013  +   939d ago
well i will own both Win/Win for me
rainslacker  +   939d ago
If it has full BC built in, like not through streaming, then I may trade in or sell my PS3 for a PS4. I never did it in the past, but I've found I never pull out my PS2 or PS1 to play my old games having a launch PS3, and I might as well dispose of it while the asking price remains relatively high.

@Seraphemz above

It would probably allow you to activate both and not be included in the 2 devices. I believe the 2 devices is per type of device...like 2 PS3, 2 PSP, 2 Vitas. I'm only speculating because i have a PS3, PSP, and a Vita all activated on one account. Someone else may be able to correct me on this since I play my digital PSP titles on the Vita now so haven't tried to use them on both.
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StrongMan  +   939d ago
I won't.
Conzul  +   939d ago
I won't either unless PS4 has hardware B/C.
Kurisu  +   939d ago
"I think that the PS3 is an amazing machine, there's a bunch of games that are coming out really, really soon that I wouldn't be giving up my PS3 just yet."

The Last of Us!
Tomb Raider!

Definitely won't be giving up my PS3 yet. In fact I'll be buying a new one when the red bundle with the whole GOW saga and a months PS+ releases in Europe.
Zechs34  +   939d ago
Your list while almost perfect is missing something...

Maybe a little Bioshock, eh eh?
Kurisu  +   939d ago
For me personally, no. I've never been in to any FPS games. I was only listing games that I'm personally looking forward to. I hope you have fun with the game when it releases though :)
Zechs34  +   939d ago
Ah, yes, to each their own! Ill enjoy it as I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy all those on your list :)
Seraphemz  +   939d ago
Most of those games are coming out likely before the PS4... and if the PS4 is backward compatible... you will still enjoy them.

Either way, im keeping my PS3.. and getting the PS4 day one!
Godz Kastro  +   939d ago
I want to get back into sony gaming as I am strictly xbox right now. Go ahead and drop the 4 sony so you can get my business again. Hopefully gaikai offers Backward compatibilty so I can catch up on all the ps3 games ive missed.
fourOeightshark  +   939d ago
You don't deserve all those PS3 games.
Crystallis  +   939d ago
why are you strictly Xbox?
Dlacy13g  +   939d ago
This is the risk you run with announcing new hardware early on. I don't think it will impact the PS3 too much but... depending on how much they show it could push consumers into a save and wait mode.
sandman224  +   939d ago
Ps3 is an amazing machine. Just look at games like the last of us and god of war accession. It makes you wonder why games like call of duty looks better and runs better on Xbox. We all know Sony can handle that game with no problem. So is activision anti-Sony. I know they can afford to build cod separately on each console and still make a ton of money.
Activision......you make me sick!
Donnieboi  +   939d ago
It's dat M$ money.
metroid32  +   939d ago

This is NEXTGEN let me know when ps4 shows a game with promise.

resolution on this image isnt even 720p but you can see its NEXTGEN.
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DigitalSmoke  +   938d ago
Its prety funny to see somebody who isn't very smart, come across as confident in he's shallow knowladge in games hardware and software.

kids these days...
JohnDread  +   939d ago
You asked a dev who recently finished a PS3 project if he would give up his PS3? What kind of an answer would you expect?
metroid32  +   939d ago
Yes he should say yes straight away but he is not impressed with ps4 over ps3 not enough of a difference ????
cedaridge  +   939d ago
I think I will keep my ps3 now that I think about it. I remember buying the ps3 at launch, I played all the ps3 games until I suffered the YLOD. I try to find another launch 60gb to 80gb but Sony stop making them. But I wanted to go back and play "NFL 2K5"for ps2 but I sold it to get the new PS3. So I guess what I'm sayin is that if the PS4 is indeed Backwards Capatable than that's cool but if not? Well I still have my ps3. psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder
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SlyFamous02  +   939d ago
The PS3 will be around for while and Sony will support it all the way and it also the reason why the PS4 wont have backwards capability, initially, it wont make business sense, not if Sony wants to continue to make money off of the PS3.
TronEOL  +   939d ago
I think there may only be a tiny percentage of PlayStation gamers who will be selling/trading their PS3 for the PS4. I know I'll be keeping my PS3 like I've kept the PS1 and 2 before it.

Not even because I'll be using my PS3 to play PS3 games when I have a PS4. It's mostly because I just like to collect game related stuff. I rarely, if ever, trade in games, so I don't see myself trading my console.
Y_5150  +   939d ago
Confirms the PS4 annoouncement for me!
sway_z  +   939d ago
All of Sony's previous hardware is worth keeping....
DarkBlood  +   939d ago
eyah i got a ps1, ps2 slim, ps3 fat, ps3 slim and will be keeping them when the ps4 comes out, just like my other consoles i still own in 10 or 20 years they will become retro while the ones before it become super retro lol

while those ps3 prices will eventually go cheap before being phased out i will be getting more of them as backups in the future same with the others as well

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