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PSLS: For the most part, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is successful. It delivers a competent and varied platforming experience that will appeal to fans of the franchise. That said, don’t expect an earth-shatteringly new or innovative game. Thieves in Time plays it extremely safe and doesn’t veer too far from the platforming norm. If you’re partial to the Sly universe, you’ll find plenty to love, but those who aren’t die-hard fans will likely see through the game’s skin-deep charm.

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LOGICWINS1936d ago

Nice review. My copy's in the mail :)

TrendyGamers1936d ago

I'll be checking this out soon!

LOGICWINS1936d ago

I've never gotten a "cross buy" title before, how does that work? Will I get a voucher in the box?

TrendyGamers1936d ago

Nope. You have to put the game into your PS3, go to it on the XMB, and click on 'Disc Benefits'.

Sev1936d ago

I can confirm this to be true.

LOGICWINS1936d ago

Oh okay thanks! I hope Sony does this with more games. It would make way more people buy a Vita knowing they'll get two games for the price of one =D

dbjj120881936d ago

I didn't know either so thanks for asking!

izumo_lee1936d ago

Also remember it is 2 games for only $40, which pardon the pun a definite steal.

Anyways about the review the negatives minus the one about gimmicky controls/camera feel like nitpicks to me personally. How come when some games stay true to the formula they are sometimes regarded as negatives now? I sometimes can't grasp the thinking when it comes to stuff like this.

LOGICWINS1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

"How come when some games stay true to the formula they are sometimes regarded as negatives now?"

Simple answer to a simple question. Because certain games stay true to their formula, they will always cater to that niche fanbase that made the franchise popular in the first place. The lack of change, while good for pre-existing fans of the game, does little to promote new fans of the franchise.

Therefore, if a game can only appeal to a niche audience, no one in good conscience can give it a "superb" recommendation to all gamers, because chances are that it won't appeal to most.

A 6.5 score for the rest of the world likely translates to an 8.5 for a Sly fan. Either way, if you know your already getting the game..the score shouldn't matter to you.

izumo_lee1936d ago

Look Logicwins you have some great points sometimes but i have to disagree with you here.

I find what you are saying hard to swallow honestly. It has worked for Mario, God of War, Call of Duty & these games aren't considered niche at all. Their simple gameplay dynamics are what makes fans come back to these game time & time again. Change it too much & they are no longer the same game.

All i am saying is that reviews shouldn't take a game staying true to its roots as a negative & knock the game for it. Why can't a mechanic that has worked well in 3 games all of a sudden not work in 2013? My mind is sometimes flabbergasted by what some of these reviewers come up with as excuses at times.

DigitalAnalog1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

"Therefore, if a game can only appeal to a niche audience, no one in good conscience can give it a "superb" recommendation to all gamers, because chances are that it won't appeal to most."

This is a horrible statement. How can you give so much credence with "mainstream" titles in comparison to the "niche"? I thought the game should be judged by it's merits and so you use such strawman to give validity to reviewers in favor of "mainstream"titles. This is review hijacking at it's worst and to support such actions is disgraceful.

By your "logic" Dark Souls and Demon's souls should get extremely low scores because - according to you - cannot be recommended to ALL gamers because chances are it won't appeal to most. Your ideal review scenario would have all the dumbed down, COD-fied AAA-backing titles being GOTY candidates since each of them are CATERED to the mainstream gamer.

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dbjj120881936d ago

$40? Cross buy? Ehhhhh... maybe.

knifefight1936d ago

Friends With Disc Benefits.

Thatguy-3101936d ago

Such a low score because it stuck to what it does best? Ok just knowing how it stuck to how the originals played makes it a guarantee buy for me.

TongkatAli1936d ago

It needed more COD elements /s

Merrill1936d ago

Well they gave dead space 3 a 9.0, so it seems you're correct.

majiebeast1936d ago

Yeah and when they change the formula, its always how they should stick to it. As developer you just cant win.

smashcrashbash1936d ago

Ignore it.Only PlayStation games get penalized for sticking with tried and true formulas.In their case that is called monotony and sameness.For Halo and Mario that is called being classic and 'if it ain't broken don't fix it'.And any complaints about it being the same game falls on deaf ears.

testerg351936d ago

Damn this xbox 360 site for reviewing Sly and being biased against the Playstation! Oh wait...

Good_Guy_Jamal1936d ago

Yeah somehow I don't see PLAYSTATION lifestyle giving Halo and Mario great scores for sticking to their formulas. In fact I don't see PLAYSTATION Lifestyle giving Halo and Mario any scores. . .for some strange reason.

dafegamer1934d ago

playstation lifestyle only reviews playstation games smartone

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Sketchy_Galore1936d ago

Obviously I haven't played it yet but it sounds like it deserves a little more if the only major complaint is that it sticks too close to the formula people know and love from the old games. Not that I'm dismissing that as a complaint. Considering we quite recently got a package of three full Sly games that don't even look dated thanks to how well the cartoony art style lends itself to HD, getting one more Sly game on another disc that just looks a little better doesn't seem so exciting comparatively. Still though, it's another effing Sly Cooper game. How could anyone not buy it?

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