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Timed Exclusive DLC is a Waste of Time

Leviathyn.com | Old man Flynn is once again shaking his first, this time at timed exclusive DLC—a prominent trend in the industry that doesn't serve any useful purpose. (Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

StrongMan  +   783d ago
I agree but timed exclusive DLC is all some consoles have so to them it's huge.
Mikeyy  +   783d ago
It is a waste and an outdated model. If you compare online player count for Black Ops2, there are days where PS3 players outnumber 360 players.

(Yes I was shocked too, but look for yourselves at different times of the day)

Activision is alienating Half its market with this deal with MS.
PrimeLantern  +   783d ago
The 360 really leans on timed DLC to make the purchase of those games on that console seem like a better decision.

The PS3 relies on actual exclusives so their timed DLC has been limited to I believe only two games (Dead Space 3 and Battlefield 3).
Hicken  +   783d ago
Yes. Yes, it is.
maniacmayhem  +   783d ago
It's funny but when timed exclusives do come out people (mostly here on n4g) throw their hands up in a rage and curse that system for having it first. But then they fail to realize that this is just one of the many perks of being a member to that certain service. You get most of the goods first.

There's nothing wrong with times exclusives. Why should people care about this?
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bigtrucknd  +   783d ago
I think it's a waste of money for MS since none of the timed exclusives have made me buy a 360. I can wait a month.
Jaybronee  +   783d ago
One of many reasons why I quit playing COD.
MaverickStar7  +   783d ago
I wish more game companies would just turn down the timed DLC deals in favor of keeping the whole fanbase level. But they most likely won't. They'll take the money because they figure they get the customer either way. The whole timed DLC and pre-order DLC stuff is getting out of hand.

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