DayZ Developers Working Hard to Improve their Standalone Game

DayZ Developers have been hard at work on their standalone game, and their efforts are really beginning to show. Realistic danger such as low blood pressure, fractures, diseased players are just a few of the ways they have been improving on this already well received mod for Arma 2.

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Wormwood1900d ago

WHY DEAN HALL! Why do dangle this zombie infested carrot in front of us!!!

Septic1900d ago

I can't wait. After watching some of the crazy gameplay videos, I am itching to start terrorising other players .

kefkah1900d ago

Fractures? Sounds like a Metal Gear game...

xseven1900d ago

Hopefully getting random broken legs is a thing of the past

xseven1900d ago

I am all over this game when it comes out. I like how they take a lot of input from the current DayZ players

soultecc1900d ago

its like torture waiting for this game

RedSoakedSponge1900d ago

i agree but im still loving the mod right now. the updates to the mod are keeping me busy till april! :D