The 10 Worst Celebrity Video Games Ever

Chuck Norris may have been able to make Mike Huckabee a serious contender for president and kick thousands of butts along the border in "Walker, Texas Ranger," yet he wasn't able to make a decent video game in the early '80s.

Plenty of Hollywood stars struggle with the painful belief that just because they can scale a building or ride a fireball, they can keep the pimpled youth of America riveted to their game consoles.

Chuck Norris' Superkicks wasn't even one of the most appalling video games on AOL Asylum's list of shame. Oh, yes, it gets worse.

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gamesblow3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I disagree with Moonwalker wholeheartedly... That game was ahead of its time and not a bad game. As a matter of fact, I'm piecing together 4 new vids for my youtube site and one of them has this game in it. It was absurd, yeah.. but the game wasn't bad.

Play it with an open mind and you'll be like "wow" That's ahead of its time. Not to mention you'll laugh your @SS off.

jaja14343645d ago

Hey I liked Moonwalker.

bym051d3645d ago

Yes, Moonwalker is a great game and doesn't belong on that list.

vilmer3645d ago

Moonwalker was/is a fantastic game!

sumfood4u3645d ago

Home Improvment? i never knew it exsisted! Lmao C&C i got the power videogame just too much!

UnDone143645d ago

Where's Shaq Fu or that Michael Jordan game???? lol