Dead Island Surpasses 5 Million Sales

Deep Silver today announced they have achieved a major milestone in worldwide sales for the zombie action videogame, Dead Island. Since its release in September of 2011, Dead Island has sold-through over five million copies worldwide and still maintains an exceptional strong sales rate in all channels. This achievement includes sales from both retail and digital versions.

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phantomexe1905d ago

Nice....The game wasn't perfect but still a blast and looking forward to another.

Eldyraen1905d ago

It was one of the better, if flawed, new IPs this generation. I wouldn't say it was a great game, but it was a great idea and hope Riptide fixes some of its issues. I wouldn't mind it being a franchise that stays around for a while as long as they don't milk it.

RickHiggity1905d ago

Agreed. It was far from being a masterpiece, but it was a damn fun coop game.

TriangleOffense1905d ago

agreed, it had its issues but fun was not one of them. I loved this game, really wish it was available digitaly

Eyeco1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

The game was a step above mediocre imo, it needed allot of polish, extremely glitchy, buggy, and the gameplay just wasn't all that refined, that and so many little aspects really grinde'd my gears like how quickly weapons break was laughably unrealistic.

It kind of annoys me how such a flawed game like this can sell this much, when there are tons of refined, polished games like Dark Souls that barely scrape a million, excuse me for raining on the parade

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ftwrthtx1905d ago

It wasn't the greatest game at launch, but a couple of patches later and it was much better.

BoNeSaW231905d ago

Which version are you referring to? Console or PC?

I haven't played it yet and was gonna pick it up the GOTY edition for Playstation or the PC version, depending on which one plays better.

ftwrthtx1905d ago

I have the PS3 version. If you have an awesome PC, it is probably your best choice. If you have a less than awesome PC, the console version is great.

BoNeSaW231905d ago

I just remembered ALOT of complaints about the console version. I guess i'll grab it off amazon for $20 bucks and add it to my PS3 backlog.

Thanks Man!

ftwrthtx1905d ago

At launch it was a bugfest but the patches addressed the issues eventually.

landog1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

all because of that trailer, the game was a 6/10 at best when i rented it on ps3, visuals were awful, jaggies, screen tearing like crazy, every time i swung my weapon it slowed down into CRAWLING framerates, maybe 15 tops

when it was $5 on steam i decided to give it a chance, and while the visuals were 10x better and it ran and a perfect locked 60, the game itself was still a hollow shell, 7/10 maybe because at least i could look at it

this game was all hype and no substance, it was ok fun with a freind, honestly needed more time in development and it could have been soemthing really kool

basically it was a crappy left for dead with clunky melee and awful visuals on console

nice graphics on pc, less clunky and good performance but mediocre gameplay, worth $5 though!

BlackTar1871905d ago

the only thing it had in common with Left 4 dead is it was FPS and they did have guns in the game.

ABizzel11905d ago


I agree with you, but it wasn't that bad IMO. Although I bought it on 360 and PC. It's definitely missing that spark that makes a game good and wows you, but what's there is ok.

It felt like a really big tech-demo that was trying to be a retail game.

givemeshelter1905d ago

I liked the game. It has its quirks but it's fun. It's no Left 4 Dead, but its still a fun game

Killzoner991905d ago

Just wait for The Last of Us. It will top this game in every way. It will be what the trailer for Dead Island promised.

givemeshelter1905d ago

Why? Why would you bring that up. Trolling dude...Trolling

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