Law, Smoker Confirmed in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

Trafalgar Law and Smoker confirmed at Punk Hazard.

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tayz1840d ago

Heck yeah! I was hoping they would be in!

r211840d ago

Yes, PH arc is being covered :D Its gonna be fun splitting people apart!

AznGaara1840d ago

Yes!!! Punk Hazard! This is my third favorite arc right now it's was so good. Hopefully they have that awesome scene cause I'm afraid they might mess it up in the anime.

Raf1k11840d ago

Awesome scene? There were quite a few. I'm looking forward to seeing Zoro kick harpy arse but yeh I think I know which scene you're talking about.

AznGaara1839d ago

Well I didn't want to spoil anything for those anime only people lol

Raf1k11839d ago

lol I understand. I try not to reveal too much when talking to friends who have yet to catch up but it's tough to keep myself from spilling the spoilers sometimes.

ps3_pwns1840d ago

awesome! one piece is the best anime ever!!

Honest_gamer1840d ago

ohhhhhh here's hoping to be able to play as donflamingo and aokiji!!!!!! i hope all chars from the first one are playable + the new characters, maybe have pre and sot time skip characters for the strawhats as diffrent characters to make it seam like there is more lol