CVG: Dark Sector PS3 cancellation "never" considered

CVG reports that Digital Extremes CEO James Schmalz has explained yesterday's comments from a team member suggesting that sci-fi slasher Dark Sector was almost canned on PS3.

The game's producer was quoted as saying that the PS3 version was "just not running as good as 360," and the developer had "serious discussions about what we were going to do".

"Never once did we feel we could not pull off the PS3 version of Dark Sector," DE CEO Schmalz told CVG via e-mail this morning. "As with all PS3 games, it takes skill and time to optimize and we spent a great deal of time doing that. At no time did we ever think, 'It's not going to be optimized enough, so let's talk to D3 about canning it.' That is just not true."

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AngryHippo3945d ago

.....annoying how developers are unable to say anything without some "special" idiot taking what they said and using it for their own retarded fanboy agenda and then having to clear it up afterwards. Just because they had more trouble making the game for the ps3 than the 360, suddenly it was used to say the 360 is better than PS3, and it was going to get canned. I mean seriously theres some seriously crazed fanatics that need to get a life. Surely its the finished product that matters, i dont really care how it got there, what problems were faced, if the finished product is extremely high quality on both systems then what is the problem with that?!

godofthunder103945d ago

i own a 360 and i'm glad that it wasn't canceled.the ps3 and 360 are both damn good systems and they both should have the game on it as a mater of fact i think that both systems should have every game on it.the ps3 should have gears of war and the 360 should have killzone 2 and so on.i don't think that they should even have exclusive games,i think that ever gamer should be able to play all the games no mater what system that they have.
what i don't understand is why do people fight over who have the better system and wishing that a certain game want be on another's just childish, it's the same thing as saying my daddy can beat up your daddy when we were in 3rd grade.
i think that if a person have a certain system they shouldn't even worry about the other because it doesn't really concern them.they should just enjoy their games and system because that's what they bought it for,they didn't buy it fight over it and that goes for all the fanboys on both sides.
i know that people will try and take another bubble away but i'm as low as i can go.the ps3 and 360 fanboys always take a bubble from me because i've always said that neither one is better then the other and they can't stand it when you don't pick a side like a litte kid.i want lie and say that the ps3 or the 360 is the best one just to get a bubble because they both are good.
i think that all 3 companies should get together and make some kind of deal where they can just make one system that will play all the games because they really don't make their money on the sales of their systems they make most of their money on the sales of the games and eack company can still fix it that eack company can still keep all the profits off the sales of their exclusive games.hell i think it would be a great thing.

ErcsYou3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Journalists are like fanboys, they love to spin news (or interviews) in their favor...
They bombard you with questions until you slip up and then "BAM!".. Story of the day...
Then the person who they just interviewed is left scratching there head thinking "did i even say that??"
Modern day journalists are just as bad as the paparazzi.

Fishy Fingers3945d ago

Another day, another debunked rumour.

When will people learn that not everything on the internet is true...

ScottEFresh3945d ago

Its true man...DS will be a kick ass game for both systems. It'll be better on PS3 because thats what I own :) See what happens though...some dumbass runs his mouth and the xbots get SUPER excited they might have a better multiplat....Xbots grabbin at straws JUST LIKE ALWAYS...pathetic.

CaliGamer3945d ago

I would like to show this to the people who got all happy about the original article. I don't know how people do it, I have never gone on the internet with the express purpose of finding some negative 360 news, I'm like who really cares.

Sad really, but I guess people have more riding on this console war than I can imagine, stock in MS or Sony maybe.

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The story is too old to be commented.