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Submitted by bosbvok 1103d ago | opinion piece

Most Anticipated MMOs 2013

A look at some of the most exciting MMO titles due to be launched in 2013. Also, make sure you check the first picture - how many people do you know who are guilty of that? (Defiance, Destiny, PC, PS3, Star Citizen, Xbox 360)

Choc_Salties  +   1104d ago
As long as my avatar is skimpily dresses i'm all good with this!
-Superman-  +   1103d ago
Where is Survarium?
Survarium is kinda like STALKER game, but only MMOFPS game.
HanCilliers  +   1104d ago
Best definition of MMORPG ever ever.
I am looking forward to Destiny
rbailey  +   1104d ago
Some great games on this list.
Martywren  +   1096d ago
BnS,ESO,pso2,and archeage

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