The incendiary battery : conclusions

Sure you remember this unfortunate American teenager who had burned his pants with its PSP's battery.
It seems that the mystery is solved on the causes of this incident.
Indeed, the boy recharged its console with a Pelican Power Brick Battery Charger.
After several investigations, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered the restitution of approximately 231000 models.
The unit does not resituate the good charge to the battery, causing after usage, a surge in the circuit.

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JoelR3945d ago

Wow... so a none certified accessory caused the issue.
I am so surprised, oh wait... I'm not.

ChrisGTR13944d ago

whats the deal with sony and batteries exploding? it makes me worried about my vaio laptop. it might explode someday..

Superiorrior3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Chris, next time read the article, its the damn pelican accessory that broke the kids PSP into the fire, Sony hasn't had ANY incidents of a battery catching on fire EVER.