More PS3 Bundles for Europe

Two new bundles available in Europe soon. The Movie Pack, including 300, Spiderman 3 & Casino Royale on 19th March, and the GT5 Pack, including Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on 29th March. Both are 40Go and will cost a price of 399€. Boxarts revealed.

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Andronix3919d ago

Now that Sony are the sole high-def movie format their are going to be a lot more people who decide to get a blu-ray player. reported a massive rise in sales of Blu-ray player sales after the Toshiba hd-dvd pull out.
Sony make it easy for them, get a PS3 with movies in one pack. Clever.

Minimee3919d ago

The weird thing is that the Playstation 3 alone already costs 399€ in Europe... :/

Wicked Sick3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Both are 40Go and will cost a price of 399€. Boxarts revealed.

Shouldn't it say 40Gb?

Hehe I know how it is with a word nazi in every thread. :P

vloeistof3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

someone here said that this bundle would come.
sony should make a gta iv bundle 2 later on.

TheMART3919d ago

So when are you going to bring the white consoles to Europe Sony?

2009? 2010? 2011? NEVER???

I wanted a white PSP to match my 360, it even is mentioned on the Dutch Sony website, but they're only available in Japan (as is the white PS3 also). Since summer last year no white PSP has been seen outside of Japan.

So needed to import one because Sony is delaying forever all their stuff, hardware and software/games....

achira3919d ago

in germany the white psp is at least for 1.5 years available. i have bought one, so i know it. i am waiting for a white ps3 also. have a white + black psp, and a want a white + black ps3 (for me and girlfriend, lol). you right, thigs take time, but when they get released everyone is happy. by the way i imported the ps3 from japan, and i dont regress it.

TheMART3919d ago

Achira.... I mean the PSP Slim in ceramic white, not the old fat one.

I wanted 64MB Ram, Skype, less heavy etc...

scoobysnacks3919d ago

Just upgraded my psp to the slim, and the white as well as the black has been available in the UK since September last year. I would of thought that if the UK has it, then the rest of the EU would also, I could be wrong in that assumption though.

You really can't get it where your from Mart?

TheMART3919d ago

Nope Scooby,

In the Netherlands for sure not. UK you maybe have some import there then. Same as the white PS2, it's in USA but still not here.

But well I got my Slim ceramic white and got the O and X functions normal again (Japanese are switched) with making it having custom firmware and region Europe on fake I got Skype and GO!Messenger also.

So I'm fine now. But not thanks to Sony, but thanks to Dark Alex :P

scoobysnacks3919d ago

In UK the white is available under normal retail, not import. When I upgraded my old psp to the new slim in the UK store "Game", I had the option of black or white, no silver however (which i wanted, but I believe the silver is available in Germany). Would be nice if Sony could make all variations of the PSP available in all countries.

Hopefully something they will sort out soon.

SUP3R3919d ago

I thought Mart lives in the US?

ravinash3919d ago

White PSP slim is in the UK, so they are out there.

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Yi-Long3919d ago

... because now instead of just a PS3 and joypad, you get 3 movies thrown or an extended demo thrown in for free. Better than nothing, and it costs nothing extra.

Personally though, I'm more interested in the Ratchet + Uncharted package, except that I'm waiting for the new controllers to come out before I buy a PS3. In 2 months I'll be in HK, so I'll probably be able to pick some of those new (white) controllers up over there, for half the price they would cost over here.

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