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The Real Reason Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition is not Coming to Vita

Furious Francis cuts through Capcom's PR BS to give you the real reason we will not be seeing a Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition. (Capcom, PS Vita, Resident Evil Revelations)

psp2roundup  +   908d ago
Umm, 3DS is selling enough in Japan for Capcom not to worry about millions of defectors suddenly rushing to try a game THEY CAN ALREADY PLAY on their 3DS on another platform.

Sorry, don't buy that logic
Theyellowflash30  +   908d ago
Hi, psp2roundup

I'm not sure I understand your counterpoint. Could you elaborate? And did you read the article?
MikeMyers  +   907d ago
Probably this quote from the article,
"If the Vita was to received Soul Sacrifice and Resident Evil Revelations relatively close to each other, that would equate to a boom in Vita sales, that could potentially sway consumers away from the 3DS."

If the game is already on the 3DS why would it then matter if it went to Vita? The logic of that quote suggests 3DS owners would now shift to Vita which doesn't make any sense if it's already available on the 3DS.
rainslacker  +   907d ago
I doubt Capcom has much stake in Vita sales either way. To them it would be logical to want all systems to do well as it allows them to have a larger base to sell their games too. OTOH, having a dominate system to work with does lower development costs, as you can make more by doing less.

The real reason is probably because the Vita install base doesn't seem attractive to Capcom. They likely have to see the possibility to sell a certain number of units to make it worth while, and the Vita may not offer that to them at the moment.

It's a catch 22. Publishers won't support a system with a small install base, but you can't generate a big install base without games.
SandWitch  +   908d ago
Capcom just made a cheap excuse. I think they just simply don't think it's a good investment considering PS VITA's current install base. Capcom could be the ones to make that install base larger, but they are waiting till others will do it.

Oh well, I would have bought it for my VITA, but apparently they don't need my money.
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R_aVe_N  +   907d ago
not sure that i care really based on past RE games it would most likely suck anyways
helghast102  +   907d ago
They just don't have any faith in the Vita.
chestnut1122  +   907d ago
Easy Logic., Since Nintendo is losing with the console wars, against the aging ps3 and xbox 360(Worst case scenario, PS4 and Xbox 720 is coming soon), For them to be able to counter it, They want to dominate the handheld wars against The Vita. They Became really desperate so they paid the Crapcom Company to have their MH and RE exclusive to 3ds (Which is originally meant for Sony). Vita will someday Bounce back(Mark My word Crapcom pussies).
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dennett316  +   907d ago
They already dominate handheld sales, and have done since before Revelations even came out. As for them losing the home console wars....you are so wrong it's not even funny. In certain countries, the 360 or PS3 may be slowly creeping up on the Wii. But worldwide, it's not even really close...the wii sold 100 million consoles to the Xbox and PS3's 70 million-ish each.

Jury is out on the WiiU obviously, but a quick price cut for that console, alongside a big Nintendo exclusive right around the launch of the more expensive PS4 and Next Xbox will still be an attractive proposition for many gamers.
DivineAssault  +   907d ago
i think theyre too damn lazy to optimize it for vita.. Though its going on home consoles, vita isnt a home console so it will require some work they arent willing to do.. What a damn shame too cuz if it were to go on vita, thats what i would buy it on..
r21  +   907d ago
They could just ask bluepoint studios to port the ps3 version to vita :L Ah well, there are other better vita games out there.
Killzoner99  +   907d ago
It seems like every generation Capcom decides to be someone else's bitch. They are the least loyal company in the industry.
megamanX2  +   907d ago
besides it being a piece of crap?
hot4play  +   907d ago
Shut up loser.
megamanX2  +   906d ago
make me nerd. Sony is nothing in the handneld dept, and never will be just live with it.
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g-nome  +   907d ago
Not a great game anyway , still have to finish it .. the Vita is keeping me too busy though.
Wintersun616  +   907d ago
No, the real reason is still this: Crapcom.
Toon_Link  +   907d ago
Spoken like a poet.

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