New Video Games February 3rd-9th, 2013

GR: "I can already say with confidence that 3DS owners should run out and pick up Fire Emblem: Awakening at their earliest convenience, but for the rest of this week's big games, you'll have to wait for our reviews. In fact, Dead Space and Sly Cooper will run tomorrow, so keep your browser pointed to GameRevolution."

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ftwrthtx1718d ago

I sure wish they would get Ratchet & Clank FFA out for the Vita.

knifefight1718d ago

That, and some original R&C games too. It's crying out for some great platformers. Rayman and LBP can't pull the load by themselves!

dbjj120881718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I wish they'd get a lot of games out on Vita. :-/
Edit:Reply fail.

DivineAssault 1718d ago

i will be getting fire emblem as soon as i can find it.. Shipment errors i guess but ill be getting sly 4 too so its all good