Dead Space 3 Circuit Locations

Throughout the game you will come across circuits that you can use to upgrade your guns. Some are better then others but it is still nice to collect them all. This guide will help you find them all as you go!

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derkasan1872d ago

I take it there's a hardcore mode in this game too? If so, these upgrades will be integral. Thanks for the guide!

Skate-AK1871d ago

Yeah there is. There is a mode where you get no saves and only one life. Even harder than DS2 hardcore.

derkasan1871d ago

Really? Even DS2 had three saves.

I take it there's an awesome reward for clearing it?

Skate-AK1871d ago

I'm sure there is a awesome reward. Since thats not really gonna be easy to do they havnt said what you get so it will be a surprise.