RUMOR: LucasArts Working on New Gladius Game

Ripten writes: James Zhang, an artist who has done work for several projects including multiple Star Wars games, had quite a bit of concept art up on his site - A hidden list of links was "stumbled upon" in which there were images for Gladius 2, as well as Knights of the Old Republic 3. Those links are now gone.

The existence of Gladius 2 is further proven by the simple fact that Gladius 2 is listed under "projects" if you click on the client list on his main page. Kinda hard to deny it now, right?

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Twizlex3943d ago

Holy nuts! I loved that game!!!

dzg4ever3943d ago

First one was excelent, great game! I now just wait for new info, but this is already great news!!!

zenkai3943d ago

I hope its true one of the best games I played.

gravenmage3943d ago

With updated grafix and a marketing push Gladious 2 could be a BIG game.I really cannot imagine how many hours I put into Gladious.

Twizlex3943d ago

Yeah, I somehow managed to put over 100 hours into this game... in one playthrough! We need more of this type of game in general. Have any of you checked out that XBLA game, Commanders?

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