Edge: Is Xbox 360 Past Its Peak?

In November 22, 2005, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 and forced the beginning of the current generation. The timing was always intended to give the 360 a head start on its competitors and had mixed results: on the one hand, consumers upgraded and the 360 certainly got its lead in early (to the tune of nearly ten million units), but on the other the allegedly rushed testing of the hardware resulted in the infamous 'Red Ring of Death' phenomenon, and the costliest warranty extension in videogame history. But more than two years since that launch, and now facing some stiff competition, is the 360 in the dominant position Microsoft claims – or does the console rule an empire built on quicksand?

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Rattles3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

This is the fundamental issue facing Microsoft: the likes of Ape Escape, Buzz!, Disaster Report, the EyeToy, God Of War, Guitar Hero, Killzone and SingStar did not sell to the same people, the ‘MASSMAKET’, but smaller groups with specific tastes. The ‘casual gamer’ doesn’t exist – there is no homogenous group that can be targeted with one or two releases over a period of time. Viva Piñata and Scene It on their own are not the answer, and releasing blue and pink pads is a basic move. The big question about the future of the Xbox 360 is not how good its software is or will be – because in its niche, it is excellent – but whether Microsoft is happy with the audience it has attracted with that software, and if not, whether it needs to rethink its entire strategy to expand beyond that current audience.

and that is why sony became the king.

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Panthers3943d ago

Ha they fell straight off the peak

Shankle3943d ago

As long as the the 360 still has hardware issues, I don't see how it is at all possible for it to win this console generation. Warranties will run out and people will just give up on the 360. It's one of the main reasons I refuse to get one. Luckily almost all of its exclusives get released on PC :D

gamesblow3943d ago

Microsoft reminds me of the guy who wants to be a porn star... He wants it really bad, but he just can't cause he blows his wad too fast.

Gears of War, Bio Shock, Halo 3, Mass Effect... What now?

Gears of War 2... Rinse and repeat, I suppose. Not good business. Even more so with what Sony has behind their doors, trust me.

marionz3943d ago

its fine to talk about what sony has behind closed doors, but who knows what microsoft has behind closed doors
we will see if its past its peak when gears 2 comes out, that game is so exciteing i cant wait to find out more, there are plenty of top games coming to 360 and i dont see why that would change, all they need are more platform games,thats where banjo will fill the gap i guess, the list of games i want just keeps growing.
if the 360 was like the wii and gamecube and had a real lack of decent games then yeah it might be past its peak, but it does have games, and plenty of them.

Bathyj3943d ago

Surely M$ must be worried that during the period of their so called "Perfect Storm" the overpriced console with no games that was getting harrassed by fanboys and media alike, was actually outselling it.

Its amazing that so many of the crazy thing Sony said, actuall came true. We will buy it without games, we'll work harder and longer to be able to afford its enormous price, THE NEXT GEN STARTS WHEN THEY SAY IT DOES.

After 3 years of bad news Vindication is so sweet.

gamesblow3943d ago

Marionz... I have the benefit of knowing a few close people in a few close situations in and around Sony and certain "sony" publications. I hear things about Micro and Nintendo all the time, but what you got to understand is I'm a pro Sony site.

I make no bones about that. A pro sony site with a 100% unbiased edge to it, I might add.

I've listed several things on Microsoft plate this year and for the future but nothing seems worthy enough to consumers.

what I'm saying is this... The original xbox sold 24 to 25 million units world wide after 4 years on the market. The xbox 360 is approaching the 3 year mark this year... they're at 17 right now. They're not selling to anyone of Nintendo or Sony's markets and until they pass that 25 million mark, they haven't succeded in anything.

tony3943d ago

but sony has their fair share of recycle titles too.

BenzMoney3943d ago

"Its amazing that so many of the crazy thing Sony said, actuall came true. We will buy it without games, we'll work harder and longer to be able to afford its enormous price."

Well, that certainly says a lot about you, doesn't it? It just doesn't say much FOR you.

kevoncox3943d ago

Compaling abotu GOW2 is silly when you are praising..

Resistance 2 Killzone 3
Mgs4, Gt5, FF13, R&C 5,

and looking forward to GOW3, Jax 7

See how stupid you look?
The fact is MS has alot going for it. It's making money hand over fist. Hardware companies make money in software not hardware.

Sony is still loosing money for ever Ps3 sold.
While Ms is making money on ever 360 sold( 2 years at the same price point will do that to you) Sony isn't selling software like it should be. MS is leading all of the charts most of the time. MS is fine and will post another 350 miilon quater

kalle3943d ago

Gears 2, Alan Wake, Halo wars, Ninja gaiden 2, Banjo, Golden eye, GTA4 extras, Fable 2.........

Thats only some of the exclusive 360 has infront of it. And all those are games we know is good, Ps3 have MGS, FF That we know is good. KZ2 can easy follow in KZ1 desteny. FF and MGS4 will come to 360 too, just wait and see.

power of Green 3943d ago

Thats like saying MGS4, GT5, FF13 then what?, lol. Give it up man.

Alot of news has been posted lately about people saying things they have no clue of what they're talking about.

Phytonadione3943d ago

Do you know how many millions it takes to fill a billion? Yeah, MS posted a nice little profit last quarter but that billion dollar reserve to compensate for all the faulty hardware must surely be factored in when you look at the whole picture of profit.

LJWooly3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I just love how, when fanboys list the 2008 line-up of the opposing console, it's like... "MGS4, GT5, FF13 then what?" or "Gears 2, Ninja Gaiden, and that's it."

Fact of the matter is, BOTH consoles will have an amazing 2008, but the fanboys can't live with that. Oh no, one has to be better! There has to be a clear winner!!

Ha, we don't play games, we play consoles!! I mean, what do you take us for, gamers?? What is gaming without fanboyism? What is gaming without the sad, pathetic need to throw insults and abuse at a games console and it's owners, in order to defend your purchase of another console?


The thing is, whenever poeple like power of Green, Genuine or theMart list PS3 exclusives, the list is always goig to be... 'deflated'. When they list 360 exclusives, they will include games that won't be good, so the list appears bigger, and end with " and many more..."
The exact same, in parralel, goes for PS fanboys (sorry to use you for an example, PoG).

So, next time you feel the need to flame someone for simply looking forward to a game you won't be getting, think about the name of this site... 'N4G', or 'News For Gamers'.
You see,a 'gamer' plays games, not consoles. As long as you're happy with what you play, and what you play on, you win.

Fanboyism is pointless ans pathetic, so stop it.

Bathyj3943d ago

I was making a statement about those comments in relation to the general public. They complained about no games yet still bought it, they complained it cost to much yet still bought it.

As far as I'm concerned, it had plenty of games. I bought 4 with the machine on launch day. It had Resistance and Motorstorm. Along with Mario64 and Halo, 2 of the best launch titles of all time. I have about 15 games and it hasn't even been a year yet so saying no games is crap to me.

As far as I'm concerned, the thing was cheap. I paid AU$700 for a PSOne and $750 for a PS2. PS3 was easily worth $1000 to me. Sounds expensive for a console. Sound cheap for the best piece of electronics in your house.

You wanted to know what my comments say about me, there you go, a little bit about me.

And since I've see no gameplay on any XB360 game that couldn't be done on a PS2 or XB1 they I still say the next gen starts when Sony says so. For me it was GDC last year when LBP was announced.

kevoncox3943d ago

How many millions are in a billion? 1000.
However, pleas ekeep something in mind.

1) Ms posted 350 million in profit last Quarter. That's a 3rd of the billion right there.
2) The 1 billion was set aside for warrenty issues, it doesn't mean it was spent already and I figure that that figured was worst case scenrio.
3)MS makes money off of Live.

$50 X 4 million = and additional 200 million in revenue from live( not including downloads)

moparful993943d ago

Kevincox I want to make you aware of something... Sony posted profit for the last quarter of 2007 even with two price drops. Dont come on here pushing that "well micrsoft makes money on every console sold" whenever sony is already reporting profit. Also people like you that make comments like this are the exact same people that say all the profits come from the games.... You're pathetic

poopface13943d ago

the 360 hasnt reached its peak cause it isnt a mountian, the games that are out now will still be here tomorow. it hasnt even started to be sold for 199 yet. My most looked foward to game isnt even out yet. I havent seen anything on the ps3 that cant be done on the 360 and its supposedly supposed to be super powerful and last for 8 more years. BUt the 360 is doomed because halo 3 came out already. That sounds like wishful thinking for somepeople.

LJWooly3943d ago

No need to call someone pathetic, if you don't agree with what they're saying. Try and express your views a wee bit more friendly, that way you're more likey to recieve a postive response back.


This is what i been saying all along , the core of xbox gamers are around 20-25 million including some that has a ps3 also....If the ps2 owners havnt jump ship yet with gears , halo in the market why would they jump ship now?...The ps2 people are actually the ones that are smart because the price is going down and getting sweet bundles ( but i dont cared im happy with my 60 gb ) The ps2 people are thinking wow thats loyalty ps3 out 2 years and there still making games for the ps2....So when these ps2 owners finally goes HD ..which system are they going to buy ?? I will answer that for you ...PS3 great product great support .....

Daishi3942d ago

^Same reason people buy Ipods instead of Archos's...

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tweaker3943d ago

damn that was a long read

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gamesR4fun3943d ago

true enough he spent a lot of time going over everything the 360 got right 2 but fact is Sony's mass appeal might put it in second place yet.
Also has most of us know there is a strong shift towards Sony in NA now as well. Should be very interesting to see what ms does under that kind of pressure. I for one hope for some free online but certainly they need to step up to the plate with the casual gamers.