God Of War Ascension Takes Gamers To New Heights

Combat Designer Jason McDonald fills us in on thenew mechanics behind the combat system in the game. Ascension takes place after Kratos murders his family and focuses on Kratos

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Ezz20132111d ago

someone need to stop me
i keep watch the live ad ...i watched it like 100 time by now

Dwalls11712110d ago

Ive watch the 30 minute gameplay about 8 times, ive tried not to but I just couldent help myself :(

showtimefolks2109d ago

already have the limited edition pre ordered. after watching the last single player trailers i am just amazed how each GOW game looks and plays better

I know i shouldn't but my mind keeps thinking how awesome GOW4 will be on PS4

i know we are all excited about new playstation system but how come each exclusive looks and plays better than the one before? if ps3 is as old as everyone wants me to believe where are ND and santa monica finding the hidden power?

and if exclusives look this great on ps3, how real could things get with ps4?

LOGICWINS2109d ago

GOW4 on the PS4 will be just...scary. It'll look like CGI.

Ezz20132109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


GOWA already look like CGI
and so is beyond and TLOU

but i still see your point though ..

Edit: @logicwins
yeah for a 7 year old hardware it amazing and mind blowing
that every new game manage to look better

i don't know how but they keep make my jaw drop till this day

and i'm happy to see the previews about the TLOU/GOWA are prasing the gfx alot

LOGICWINS2109d ago

^^YUP, it already does. Honestly, I don't see how they could make it look better. Sony will undoubtedly find a way!

whoyouwit042111d ago

I hope this one is better then 3 i really did not enjoy it like I thought I would, not saying it was a bad game cause it it's not, But up until 3 GOW including the psp and cell phone game was hands down my favorite game, but half way threw 3 it was some one hit the switch. to be honest I think when you take away the graphics it was just a repetitive hack and slash with a story that went completely foolish, this dude went from a half god to having all the gods fear him to killing all of them and some of the titans, they really just went to far I mean come on.

LOGICWINS2109d ago

Yeah, Ascension is what GOW3 was supposed to be. I'm buying the Collector's Edition =D

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StrongMan2110d ago

This is why God of War is the king of action hack & slash. God of War sells more and scores higher than ALL other games in this genre for a reason. It's the best.

WeAreLegion2109d ago

Before God of War III came out, I would have disagreed with this. DMC3 was the king of hack 'n slash. Now, that title belongs to GOWIII.

remanutd552109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

This is my most anticipated ps3 title this year but i really want Sony Santa Monica to take a break from the franchise and create a new IP on the ps4, Action/Adventure/platformer/RP G would be great lol.

fourOeightshark2109d ago

Their second team is working on a new IP.

akaakaaka2109d ago

this "a new IP on the ps4, Action/Adventure/platformer/RP G"

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