Naughty Dog Game Designer Ricky Cambier Previews Sony The Last Of Us

Game designer Ricky Cambier previews combat against the infected and the story behind the fall of Humanity in The Last of Us.

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Ezz20132110d ago

every thing i read and watched about that game
make it the most hyped game along with GOWA for me

remanutd552110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I may be the only playstation fan on this site that doesnt see the greatness on this game, anyways i think for the very first time i will be skipping a Naughty Dog game, sorry but im just not feeling it, cant freaking wait for God of War Ascension and Beyond Two Souls though.

Edit: Sly Cooper is almost here!!!! i cant believe it!!!

smashcrashbash2110d ago

It isn't all that hard to see.It's just not your kind of game that's all.

Bathyj2110d ago

The only thing thats amazed me more than this game is your reaction to it.

LOGICWINS2110d ago

I wasn't feeling it in the beginning either, but then I realized that this can remind me of the survival horror experience I had with the RE series on the PS1.

I plan on getting all the other games you listed as well :)

DigitalAnalog2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Regardless how you thought about this game. It is the only AAA game this generation that has continuously throw off all kinds preconceptions towards it. EVERY preview for this game never expected what LTOU was bringing to the table, not E3, not gamescom and certainly not the reveal yesterday.

First it was an Uncharted clone with zombies, then it turned into a typical zombie apocalypse, then it became just another "linear" ND game AND now it has become a survival horror. Can anyone here with a straight face bring any source that has actually NAILED what this game is about? None. Just when you thought TLOU is what you thought it was, it becomes something else entirely when more details are revealed.

If you don't see it's "greatness" then that's your opinion, but you cannot deny the rift it has caused this generation. Whether or not it would deliver at the end, this was not something you would expect a AAA to pull off considering we're nearing the end of the generational console cycle.

th3n00bg4m3r2110d ago

The Last Of Us crosses genres. It is an action adventure survival horror game. Geez do we have to explain to you all the time.

DigitalAnalog2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

"Geez do we have to explain to you all the time."

Oh great, did you find that out before or after the reveal? Jesus.

plaZeHD2110d ago

They stated it when they revealed the game.

Bathyj2110d ago


Survival Horror Action Stealth Adventure Role Playing Game.

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RTheRebel2110d ago

sony fans overhype everything
but this game looks to epic to pass up

th3n00bg4m3r2110d ago

The game desrves all that hype. Infact it won almost all E3 awards.

abzdine2110d ago

i disagree but i respect your opinion

remanutd552110d ago

Well thanks a lot at least you guys didnt call me troll because some of the fans here take video games too seriously, anyways i think some one was right when he said that perhaps Zombies arent my type of game, the only Zombie game im somewhat interested in playing is ZombiU and even that titles doesnt have my full interest, im pretty sure you guys will love the game but as i said before i dont see anything special on it.

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