Rumor: Gears Of War 2 Box-Art

Upon browsing the site, I noticed a splash page for Gears Of War 2.

Next to the trailer is a box-art cover with the RP rating.

I'm providing the full site, as well as the direct link to the image. This is a rumor, however it is on the official Microsoft site, which means it could be real.

Direct link to image:

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sak5003943d ago

Highly doubt they'll put something so simple.

permutated3943d ago

Look at the Halo 2 and Halo 3 Collectors box art in comparison to the first one: they went with an incredibly simple logo for the front art.

Fishy Fingers3943d ago

Very bland, very boring.

I hope it gets tarted up alot before release. Saying that its MS, they'll probably make a kick ass limited edition and a boring standard just to get you to spend that extra £10..

OpiZA3943d ago

Doubt it's real (hence the rumor), but I wouldn't say it's far off unless they completely flip the art style.

MasterChief28293943d ago

OMG, are you kidding me? How the hell did this get passed the system? This is old and from GDC, and it's not the final box art at all. It's just concept the slapped together that game retailers can use for preorder.

MK_Red3943d ago

Seriosuly, it's an obvious place holder.

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The story is too old to be commented.