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Looking back at Resident Evil 6: was it that bad?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Resident Evil 6 was one of the more controversial games from last year. It disappointed many, and for many others it was a guilty pleasure. So now that we've had a while to play it, replay it and think on it, where do we feel it really sat?" (PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

jc48573  +   839d ago
it's average at best. I wouldn't say is bad, but definitely the worst RE game I have played so far. It's basically Capcom's attempt at making 'hamburgers' just like Team Ninja did Ninja Gaiden 3.
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konnerbllb  +   839d ago
It was an "Ok" action game. It was a poor resident evil game.
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Nerdmaster  +   839d ago
It's better than Resident Evil 5, at least. Not having to babysit your partner and see her wasting your ammo made the game ten times better.
Lysander91  +   839d ago
Yes, next question.
Seriously though, the game tried to hard to shed the series identity and ended up having no identity in the process. It wasn't unplayable and it was even enjoyable at times but it wasn't better than any generic military shooter, and like those generic military shooters, it felt bland and uninspired by just trying to copy success instead of creating it.
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banjadude  +   839d ago
Also, an [unnecessary] large amount of QTEs.
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DigitalRaptor  +   838d ago
This is spot on, but I'll expand..

Some people are saying that it wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't even a good game in terms of components that make a good game. It was fundamentally broken in terms of cover system, it has a camera that obstructs the gameplay during crucial moments, the poor AI is another annoyance. Then there's the distasteful and excruciatingly excessive QTEs.

Then there's the poor endgame storyline that forces multiple characters to give it a greater sense of scale and urgency, but only one of the characters is worth playing (Leon) for a relative throwback to the horror vibe that was present in RE4 and games prior. Then there's the fact that because you're accompanied at all times by a co-op partner, it loses any sort of tension that should exist - such a poor decision based on one of the most hated parts of RE5 - Sheva.

RE6 is a franchise killer in terms of integrity. It's full of poor design choices that are as clear as day, even from someone like myself who is not a game designer. It destroyed the main component of what makes a Resi game which is to be scary. Even the gameplay is poor by modern action game standards, and it's clear that not only did Capcom go for the 3rd person shooter/CoD/Uncharted crowd, it failed at meeting even that standard.

Leave it to Naughty Dog to pick up the pieces of classic survival horror and run with it. EA’s Visceral can be attributed to that with Dead Space. Then there's Slender and Outlast to continue the revival - a revival that Capcom don't see enough money in, sadly.
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FantasyStar  +   839d ago
FWIW, I liked it. Not exactly "scary" but for what they tried to do (co-op action): I liked what I played. You definitely will get your money's worth with the 4 separate stories. The fact there's split-screen and LAN Support only sweetens the deals.
Pozzle  +   839d ago
It wasn't the soul-destroying mess that Operation Raccoon City was, but it wasn't a great game either. Just...an average shooter with some bizarre design choices and a nonsensical story. I'd go as far to say that it would have gotten MUCH worse reviews if it didn't have the "Resident Evil" title. Critics seem to be very forgiving of existing franchises, letting them get away with things that original IPs would never get away with.
Odd enough i liked ORC but disliked Re6. ORC was a shooter, yes, but it was also canon to every other RE therefore it didn't sting as bad that it had a crappy soul-less story with no horror. The fact that RE6 was a few months away to give me my horror fix would comfort me...... Now we got RE6 with AGAIN little to no RE feeling in it, only this time there are no RE's on the horizon to look forward too. :(
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AlucardFury  +   839d ago
It was actually worse..
Jaunty  +   839d ago
I just need to say one thing.

Zombie Dinosaur..... -.-"
Unlimax  +   839d ago
Speaking of Dinosaurs .. Why did they Stop making Dino Crisis Games !?
-MD-  +   839d ago
Cause Dino Crisis 3 was awful and tanked.

I'd love a new Dino Crisis.
Eyeco  +   839d ago
Dino Crisis 1-2 hell yeah I loved that game, Dino Crisis 3 in space was amazingly bad talk about jumping the shark,
Adolph Fitler  +   839d ago
Great action game...Yes, it was harshly criticised, but fairly, due to the fact they threw the Resident Evil name onto a great action game, instead of just doing the right thing & changing the story & characters & name & this being a new IP, then giving us a proper Resident Evil sequel.
I blame game media & fans that raved about Resident Evil 4, as it was not scary, or a Resident Evil game, either. It was a great game, but it wasn;t a great Resident Evil game, as it wasn't even a Resident Evil game.

They should bring Resident Evil back to the RE1 & 2 formula, where you shat yourself when a dog jumped through a window, etc, etc.
phinch  +   839d ago
but they take fan request to unsual extreams and over use it, saying the dog jumping throgh window scene was scary and they would make the mansion into a giant green house and they would do it constantly lol, its like they get the idea, then fuck it up somehow
CynicalKelly  +   839d ago
Resident Evil just cannot be done anymore. The first four games worked really well because of the fixed camera angles, tanky controls and lack of ammo. Resident Evil 4 was good but not a resident evil game.

The only way to reclaim Resident Evil would be to go back to the beginning, fixed camera angles, solo play, little ammo and to get rid of these stupid mutations that Japan loves so much. I hate seeing a man mutate into a tongue of a creature the size of a building or some guy being able to mutate and demutate into a dinosaur....

Either way, going back to fixed camera angles is the only way and then all the fans would complain. So best to just retire the series and get a new flagship. Say Dino crisis with Over the shoulder mechanics instead. It would work for that series. As long as it isn't in space.
isyourhouseonfire  +   839d ago
I felt RE6 was a contender for game of the year. It's unfortunate that once one review blasts it then all reviewers and gamers jump on board.

I admit, RE5 was better... But RE6 was still a lot better than those ridiculous sneak-around-in-the-mansion previous Resident Evils.
HiddenMission  +   839d ago
I say damn the rest of you I've played all of the Resident Evil games and part 6 was one of my favorites.

Each campaign had a little something for each type of player. Variety is the spice of life.

Those who say it's just another generic shooter are really on one because I've played generic and it ain't this lol.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   838d ago
Touchy, touchy.

The fact of the matter is variety is a great thing to have but what the use when you are the master of none. If a game is placed in the survival horror genre, it's main goal is to scare the player or at feel the desperation of the situation. The first Dead Space (even though I can't stand pinata enemies in a horror game) created a great atmosphere with a unique way of defeating the enemies which makes players still think before they shoot to some degree. Resident Evil 6 tried too hard to be what it's not which in result made it lost what it was aiming for and to make matters worse, tried to scare with budget instead of clever concepts to make it stand out.

It's a reason why they are considering rebooting the whole thing.
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Plagasx  +   838d ago
Well, it wasn't a Resident Evil game that's for sure.
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