Star Wars content coming to Zen Pinball 2 on PS3/Vita

GE: "The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions of Zen Pinball 2 will soon be receiving Star Wars DLC."

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guitarded771994d ago

I'm kinda excited because I'm a Star Wars whore, and I play Zen on Vita, but I know I'm gonna be far less excited when they jack the price up to twice the other DLC tables, just because it's Star Wars.

Bathyj1994d ago

For some reason, the Star Wars Cantilla theme would match a pinball machine really well.

Veneno1994d ago

That would be neat. Lets cross our fingers to not get a Jar Jar Binks themed table.

Cursinguser1993d ago

Here are the video and screens for the game. As well as the pulled press release