Can Sony dominate the next generation?

At the end of this year, we are expecting two new consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. Keeping this in mind who knows what will be shown later this month. A new generation of games will be born. The question Sony needs to answer is, how to dominate the video game console industry and ensure their replication of success from the era on PS1 and PS2? Goozernation takes a look at some of the ideas that made the PS3, PS2, and PS1 successful.

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whoyouwit042078d ago

I dout any console will ever dominate the market again which is a good thing.

NeverEnding19892078d ago

Sony is the sick man of the console generation. As time goes by, its competitors (Nintendo and MS) eat away at the once mighty Sony empire. The Playstation brand lost 50% of its market share this generation and I see no reason why this trend won't continue.

Sony: I hope you enjoyed the PS/PS2 era, because that will forever be your best. PS3 being the worst.

classic2002078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

LOL so basically what your saying is microsoft which could not hold on to its 1 year lead over sony this gen and nintendo who basically put out a system that was barely useful last gen will come out on top next gen.

If they could not kill the PS3 this gen while sony was losing money and selling the ps3 at a high price then I dont see how they are going to keep up next gen when the wiiu is not selling like the wii and microsoft is not getting an head start. LOL even if microsoft do miraculously hold on to north america they still are going to suffer because they will not get an head start.

Microsoft only hope right now is launch red ring of death 2 to stay in the game because casual gamers are not going to care for the kinect 2 fad.

miyamoto2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Why not just hope for great ground breaking games instead of sales figures and market share wars crap?

I want small niche titles and mainstream games co-exist, japanese and western games in available abundance.

wishingW3L2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

@Miya because a console with bad sales will only be ignored by the 3rd party's like it's happening with the PS Vita. No sales no games.

Another thing is that the small niche and mainstream coexists very well, the ones that are about to disappear are the mid tier developers.



Karpetburnz2078d ago

PS3 is still selling 70% of what the PS2 was in this time frame, Sony only lost 30% marketshare. And Like the guy in the Video said, The only reason Xbox 360 became poular was because of its 1 year lead over PS3.

MikeMyers2078d ago

Ask yourself this, who forced Sony's hand to charge consumers $500-$600 for a game console? Nobody. They had control of the market and that price left a bad taste in peoples mouth. Yes it still offered great value but it was not as affordable as previous generations of Playstation consoles.

We don't need any of them dominating otherwise they get too complacent. Competition is what drives the others. If it weren't there would the price of the PS3 dropped as quickly as it did? Probably not. Would the Playstation Network have improved as much as it has without having Xbox Live be around? Probably not.

I certainly wouldn't want Microsoft to dominate either. We need free online alternatives. I also wouldn't want Nintendo to dominate. It was bad enough the Wii exploded and created a ripple effect in the industry where they all of the sudden felt the need to add motion control to everything.

What I would like to see however are different approaches from each of the big companies. That way they are not cannibalizing each other while still aiming at different audiences.

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wishingW3L2078d ago

Sony can and they will dominate. It's their destiny to lead this industry.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

The #1 core gaming console take lead? I am fine with that.

I think ps4 will be the best console next to ps2! They have a lot to over come and they are going hard right now.

I hope sony launches with heavenly sword 2 and a sucker punch game.

I would also guess that they will try to have the greatest launch ever! To over shadow 2006.

nukeitall2078d ago

I think this really illustrates the disease plaguing this website.

A person spouting fanboy nonsense has 5-bubbles, and 15 agrees to 2 disagrees (at the time of this writing).

While the poster above, whoyouwit04, post a neutral and very sound comment on what is really best for the industry, he gets 12 agrees to 17 disagrees.

DeadlyFire2078d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

PS4 Definitely will move units faster than PS3. Even die hard X360 fans see little in Microsoft's future plans for IPs old and new other than the same old ones. Unless Microsoft makes a golden IP other than Halo their ship is going to sink.

PS4 GTA 5 exclusive at launch? Why dates line up with rumor so well with rumored September launch? Sony might be utilizing Rockstar to shake off Bungie's Destiny possibly being exclusive to Microsoft platforms this season? Maybe. We can only wait to know.

MultiConsoleGamer2078d ago

Anything can happen.

This generation has proven that gamers aren't loyal, and they'll go where they games are.

KontryBoy7062078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Like last gen, the games were on Sony's platform this gen.

Cupid_Viper_32078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

"This generation has proven that gamers aren't loyal, and they'll go where they games are"

Wouldn't the above statement means that gamers would be migrating to the PS3, "where the games are"?

On topic: Sony doesn't no longer rely on just one of their consoles to dominate the Way the PS1 or PS2 did back in the days. Until 2-3 months ago, Sony was manufacturing and selling 4 different consoles, the PSP, PS2, PS Vita, and the PS3. That's something no other console manufacturer has managed to pull off. Nintendo comes second, but Microsoft with only the xbox 360 is a distant last in that department.

Sony's and Nintendo's game division are operating on a different level then Microsoft. Microsoft has managed to sell 75 Million Xbox 360s in 7-8 years. In that same time frame Sony managed to sell over 80 million PS2, 77 Million PS3 (unofficial numbers), over 80 Millions PSPs, 5 Million PS Vitas,

So in 7 Years, Microsoft sold 75 Millions 360s, and in that same time frame, Sony sold over 245 million consoles.

So the Real Question is, when did Sony ever stop dominating the gaming market?

Ezz20132078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

i really don't care about sony dominating the gaming market share...

all i ever cared about are the games
that's why ps3/pc are the systems that get my gaming time ..and whenever ps4 launch will join them

i will let the others so called "Gamers" care about the market share

juandren2078d ago

Remember that the PS3 released a year later than the 360. I think that when it reaches the current lifespan of the 360 it will have sold nearly 90 million units

Shadowolf2078d ago

@ Cupid_Viper_3:

Your objective viewpoint of Sony and Microsoft's console penetration into the worldwide market reflected over the last 7-8 years is a real eye opener. I believe this gives a clear outlook on both manufacturers and how they leverage their assets in addition to who has the majority marketshare influence.

humbleopinion2078d ago


You forgot the ~500M Windows operated PCs, tables, and phones Microsoft managed to push in the same timeframe.
Microsoft is first and foremost a software company, so comparing it to a hardware company while ignoring their bread & butter business is pretty pointless I believe: each company have a different strategy and business focus (check out the performance to see how each is doing).

Moreover, I was pretty surprised that your numbers actually show that even Sony themselves didn't manage to replicate the success of the PS2 with the PS3: Microsoft didn't have the same brand recognition, but you actually stated that sold LESS PS3 units than PS2 units AFTER it was released!? The PS2 was a legacy console throughout all this time yet Sony didn't manage to push their new console to reach the same numbers? This presents a worrying trendline....

Cupid_Viper_32078d ago


Clearly you missed the point here. How's Microsoft's tablets, and Phone etc part of their gaming division? Sony sell computers and phones, tablets, own movie studios, banks, music labels and recording artists...the point is, we're talking about each company's Gaming Division.

"Moreover, I was pretty surprised that your numbers actually show that even Sony themselves didn't manage to replicate the success of the PS2 with the PS3

Actually you're completely wrong son. The PS3 has outsold the PS2 because from fiscal year ending March 2007 until present day, the PS2 has sold 64 million million consoles.

But when you do include include the fiscal year numbers ending March 2006 (meaning from March 2005 until present day) The PS2 has outsold the 360 though. See the link above.

There's no worrying trend for Sony to worry about when it comes to the PlayStation brand. Sony is operating its gaming division similar to car manufacturer, Many makes and many models. Nintendo is doing something similar as well. The only one trick pony in the game is Microsoft.

Saigon2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

All, I have to say is well said; The fact that you bring up this information is something most people do not think about.


I think you need to research what products MS actually makes.

humbleopinion2077d ago


"How's Microsoft's tablets, and Phone etc part of their gaming division?"
You're talking business and numbers and you're not even aware that tablets, phones AND the Xbox are all part of the "Entertainment and Devices division". There is no separate "gaming division" - do your research next time.

" Actually you're completely wrong son. The PS3 has outsold the PS2 because from fiscal year ending March 2007 until present day, the PS2 has sold 64 million million consoles."

But that's bad math because you are counting "until present day" (although the PS2 is no longer in production) whereas before your calculations - when comparing PS2 to the Xbox 360 - were "in 7-8 years" (which is also bad math because the X360 is not 8 years old yet, but at the same time you did count the number of PS2 units sold through full 8 years.

You can't use different math when comparing these. Based on your new claim right now ("from fiscal year ending March 2007 until present day"), Xbox sold more than 64M units as well.

"There's no worrying trend for Sony to worry about when it comes to the PlayStation brand."
Of course there is a worrying trend:
Last gen Sony sold over 153M PS2 consoles, whereas this gen the PS3 sales barely accounted for half of that amount so far. This trendline is *down* - and this is worrying if you are an investor in the company.
And it's not as if the VITA is their saving grace - it's unfortunately getting beaten hard by Nintendo and their 3DS.

Cupid_Viper_32076d ago

@Humble Opinion.

It's you who's choosing your math.

The Xbox 360 came out in 2005, so naturally, you would count the number of PS2 Sold since Fiscal Year 2005 and onwards.

So for the PS3, which came out in 2006, one will have to count from Fiscal Year 2006.

And it took 12 Years for the PS2 to sell 153 million units. So why would anyone but an absolute idiot expect the Twice More Expensive PS3 to do the same numbers in 6 years which is half the time? But also with Stiffer competition and global economical depression?

Get real buddy...

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Thatguy-3102078d ago

I honestly think it will. But not by much like the ps2 did.

IWentBrokeForGaming2078d ago

Playstation as a console... every gen, always becomes a industry leader in some way shape or form!

wishingW3L2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

it seems people don't agree with you even though most of the GOTY awards this gen were won by a PS3 exclusive. Uncharted, Demon's Souls, MGS4, Journey, Little Big Planet... Way too many GOTY awards. XD

On top of it the PS3 is the only console delivering on 2013. It started with Ni No Kuni then GOW Ascension, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and the many Jrpg's like Atelier Ayesha, Disgaea D2, Yakuza 5, Tales of Xillia, etc.

And what about that mysterious announcement on Feb 20? Can things become even crazier than they already are?! XD

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