Sony May Not Announce The PS4 February 2013

From the moment Sony announced their February 20th event, the news reports have all came to the idea that the event will be the announcement of the PS4. Most of this information originates from a Wall Street Journal article that cites “sources” but nothing more. There is a possibility this announcement will not be the big PS4 reveal everyone is expecting.

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Timesplitter141659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I think it may be true though. With The Last of Us launching soon and the feeling that PS3 is not actually done yet, it may not be the most efficient move to announce the PS4 now.

The more I think about it, the more I have my doubts about this announcement.

Maybe they'll introduce some kind of new online Playstation service that will later be used in the PS4? Maybe some kind of Steam for all Playstation 1-2-3-4 games? Or maybe some completely new concept for an online platform? That would explain "the future of Playstation"

-Alpha1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Nothing is going to stop people from buying Last of Us, as PS3 owners will still be buying PS3 games. Not like they are striking until Christmas/2014

The February 20th teaser has amassed nearly 5 million views on the single PlayStation Youtube channel. Everyone expects PlayStation 4, and Sony would be foolish to not reveal the console with all this hype in their favour. There really is no reason for it not to be, they have all year to roll out the surprises while maintaining buzz around their PS3 exclusives.

Kevin ButIer1659d ago

This kind of viral advert can't be something smaller than the ps4. This is new... this is the ps4

PRHB HYBRiiD1659d ago

I agree with much as i want to the PS4 to be announced i think they will talk about a new service,maybe cloud gaming.I really hope they announce the PS4 i am ready for next gen but u know gaming is full of let downs,this might just be another one.

KingKevo1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Imho they just HAVE TO announce it.

Every gamer out there is aware of the fact that we are pretty much in the last year of the current console cycle and when Sony then announces an event that is being streamed, with press and shareholders attending, everyone out there is going to say that it has to be the PS4. Everyone is expecting it to be shown.

When the 'See The Future' video came out people were almost instantly talking about the next gen PS. And with that being said, just think about what would happen if Sony won't announce it, they would get bashed by the whole gaming community and I'm sure this time, that they do not want to cause any bad press for the future.

Knushwood Butt1659d ago

I don't really think they have a need to announce the PS4 yet.

I'll be surprised if they announce it during this event.

Could be wrong though.

mcstorm1659d ago

I am wondering if it will be something ps4 related but it will not be the ps4 its self. I think Sony will try and create some hype for the ps4 announcement to try and take some of the attraction away from what Microsoft are going to do with there next Xbox and try and stop people taking about the Wiiu to.

aCasualGamer1659d ago

There is only one thing i can say.

Everyone is expecting a PS4 announcement, it would be suicide to not mention it atleast.

This wouldn't hinder sales for either GOW: Ascension, Last of Us or Beyond: Two souls. Why would it? PS4 is coming... but that doesn't mean we should all have a dry season of non gaming... we should still buy these awesome games while we're waiting for PS4.

There is no doubt imo that they will announce it, there is absolutely no reason to NOT announce the next console on the "here is the future of playstation" event. Would be suicide.

DeadlyFire1658d ago

If they confirm all PS3 titles will be playable on PS4 then its a decent time to announce it. As it wouldn't hurt PS3 game sales all that much since they are coming to the platform anyway.

Red_Orange_Juice1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Is there the slightiest possibility that "X" can happen?
If yes, write an article stating that "X" can happen.


bangshi1658d ago

If it isn't the PS4, it has to be something very, very good.

Gaikai or PS4.

b163o11658d ago

We had this and problem when the PS3 came out, the PS2 was just too damn good at the moment, and know one seen a reason to make that jump. A lot of people forget that the PS3's biggest competition wasn't the 360, it was the PS2(at launch at lease)

morkendo231658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Im not surprised one bit. remember this site is

not credible source information for ps4

Waddy1011658d ago

The February 20th event is for the announcement of the PS4, I know that as a fact.

Dee_911658d ago

Im not sure if they wont announce it in february but im damn sure its not releasing by the end of this year.
People just letting all the rumors and hype go to their head then unfortunately Sony and MS gonna have to suffer an unnecessary backlash from the community.

AsimLeonheart1658d ago

Man everybody is saying with 100% surety that it is a PS4 announcement. NASDAQ, Wallstreet Journal, Edge, Pachter and many other professional websites and individuals. They arent idiots, you know and neither is Sony. Why will Sony build all this hype, stream the show, invite press and media to only announce some insignificant add on or PS3 iteration? It is obvious and rejecting it is only just going against the for looking cool or for fishing for hits.

s8anicslayer1658d ago

It's just an announcement for the PS4, people are not going to stop playing their PS3 the 20th and wait til the end of the year to buy games! There are a number of blockbuster PS3 games coming out this year and just like the PS2 proved it will be around for a bit during the PS4's infancy. With that being said its game on and these are exciting times to be a gamer and next gen can't come any sooner!

1658d ago
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The_Infected1659d ago

If Sony dont reveal the PS4 on Feb 20th I'm getting the hell off N4G ASAP! It will be a warzone on here for about a week! Lol

miyamoto1659d ago

Conference director James Binns commented: "There are no shortage of conferences around social and mobile… London Games Conference 2013 will add platform evolution from Sony, Xbox and Nintendo and the PC, along with emergent platforms.

"LGC 2013 is the only conference where you can get the full picture of how games publishing is evolving."

The conference will be called 'Games: The Next Generation, London Games Conference 2013'.

TruthBTold1658d ago

I wouldn't blame websites for it though. Sony are building the hype for this announcement and everyone is paying attention because they all see the PS4 being announced, this would only be good in Sony's favor if that is their plan. If they wanted to build hype but for another project I beleive they would have stated something to make sure everyone knew it was not the PS4. But they havent and they know they have the hype building up more and more for it. They know a lot, millions would be very dissapointed with all the hype for just some added service to the PS3. I just cant see them doing all this marketing for an additional service. Too much attention has been created by Sony.

grailly1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I'm starting to think it would be kinda awesome if they just went and announced gaikai and said it would be available right then. We could get a taste of next-gen straight in our homes on the 20th (with minor lag, mind you) et then at the end of the year we still get our PS4, that would be announced at GDC.

Edit: I still think it's more probable they'll announce the ps4

harrisk9541658d ago

It is more likely than not that Sony WILL BE announcing the PS4. If not, they would have absolutely shut down all of the speculation with a definitive statement that the rumors are all wrong. If they do not reveal the PS4 at the February event, they will face unbelievably negative press and ire, even from the fanboys. Plus, they would leave the door open for MS to trump them with the NextBox announcement.

So, we all need to wait and see, but it would be the worst PR move Sony could make if this is not what it seems.

Abdou231658d ago

Even if they never intended to show it from the beginning, They should do it now, even a tiny bit of it, because the hype is all over the place and a lot of fans will be disappointed. And it's not going to hurt PS3 games sales in any way, people won't just throw their PS3s in the garbage.

Jason1431658d ago

Considering all and I mean all Sony stuff leaks with proof way ahead of time this could be right. This may just be another show case of this yrs exclusives. Dont forget game day out here in phoenix is this month too

MoveTheGlow1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I agree with JoGam. Sony would be throwing their own hardware icons under the bus. It's, in a way, branding blasphemy.

First off, the teaser video:

X, square, triangle, circle. It focused not only on the iconic shapes, but also on their colors. This is a hardware announcement. It's no Playstation Store announcement (that logo has monochromatic symbols), nor is it Gaikai (it doesn't have anything to do with hardware).

If it's hardware, then what are we left with? Three possibilities: the PS4, a new PS3 iteration, or a new Move controller (as the article suggested).

Those last two seem okay until you consider the second factor: The event.

Journalists are being invited to an event to see this thing. Events cost a lot of money to put on - if you're flying press out, you've gotta pay for those flights, hotels, food, etc. If not, journalism outlets are *sending* those people on their tab. If this is an event for a new iteration of the PS3, which they've known about for a while, or a new color, it would be a fiasco.

This isn't some stupid rumor thingy - the biggest names in the press are pretty solid about this being a PS4 announcement. Sony doesn't have the wiggle room to depress the press and enthusiasts again.

Then there's the new Move possibility. Why? Is Sony suddenly going to make a PS3 push with new Move games, because they sold so freaking well before? Not at all. If anything, a new Move controller would be connected to the PS4. And why would they release info on a PS4 controller without announcing that the system itself is indeed a thing?

There's maybe one other possibility. Perhaps there's a new streaming tech that'll let you both stream your PS3 games to your Vita (like an uber-Remote Play), and control PS3 games *with* your Vita. If that's the case, there's Sony's answer to the Wii U, and they'll put that in the new PS4, therefore both selling Vitas and taking away the Big N's one huge advantage in the hardware department. That... would be awesome. So... if it's not the PS4, it still may be great.

MostJadedGamer1658d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at all. I didn't think the PS4 would come out til fall of 2014. No way would be the PS4 be revealed this February if its not going to come out til fall of 2014.

I was actually shocked when it was announced that it would be revealed Feb 20. Now I am betting it won't be revealed til E3, and won't come out in the US til fall of 2014.

wastedcells1658d ago

Even if they had no plans to announce the ps4 they have to now lol.

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DeadSpaced1659d ago

While anything is possible, I'd like to hear Sony announce the PS4.

colonel1791659d ago

I am thinking that they won't reveal the PS4 yet, but might see some tech demos that will showcase the power of the PS4 or at least what their vision is, hence See the future.

The actual console might be revealed at E3 and a price and the controller (if there is anything special, or it's a new design) closer to launch.

Kingdom Come1659d ago

So the "future of Playstation" is Tech-Demo's? And how could they show Next-Gen Tech-Demo's without revealing there to be a Next-Gen console?

With the amount of hype they've accumulated, it would be disastrous for their reputation if they didn't announce the PS4.

colonel1791659d ago

What I mean Kingdom Come is that they will only tease it. Of course they will talk about the PS4, but it won't be a full reveal. We might not even get a final name, but a codename like NGP when Vita was first shown.

Thinking by your logic though, It would also be great if they do reveal the PS4 and spend the time talking about capabilities, etc (maybe not specs though) and then use E3 to announce games for it.

Anyways, whatever I think or you think is only speculation by now, since no one knows what they will be showing at the event. They also have the Vita so they might use time for it too.

humbleopinion1659d ago

Tech Demos? We already have those: Watchdogs, UE4, Agni's Philosophy, the new Witcher trailer.
We already know what the ballpark is going to be - now give us the official announcement already!

DeadlyFire1658d ago

I am thinking they just announce that development is happening and that they plan to release at Early/Late 201x. Whatever they decide.

Then tease at least 1 High res screen of an upcoming game for the platform. PS3 launch had 15-20 tech demos when it was announced at E3.