After February 20, Where Does That Leave Microsoft?

Once Sony makes its February 20 announcement, Microsoft is last to present a console. What could be waiting for us?

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FrigidDARKNESS2079d ago

Microsoft dont have to do anything till march and showcase the next xbox atGDC 2013 which is going to smash and crush the faces of its competition.

majiebeast2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

With what more Halo and kinect 2.0 dont make me laugh. If Microsoft wants to make a impact they need new IP's not apps not exclusive deals for ESPN not exclusive timed dlc. But games and seeing as the last few of their E3's have been worse then the last i dont see that happening.

Mikefizzled2078d ago

Microsoft have a suprising number of exclusives yet to be announced. Some of which are definitely new IPs

PFFT2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Youd have to be quite messed up in the head if you think MS has no new games planned. Ahhh cant live with them nor can you get rid of them.......

Mikefizzled2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Did you not see the recent post about Black Tusk Studios having 4 unannounced IPs in the works.
Lionheads potentially new IP/ Fable MMO. Rares super secret projects. Then a disappointingly large dollop of Kinect and Arcade games for good measure.

d0nT wOrrY2078d ago

We've heard that A LOT. New IP, surprising number of exclusives blah blah blah. Still nothing.

Highlife2078d ago

Mikefizzled - "Rares super secret projects"

Wait there are still people working at Rare.

DOMination-2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Here is a list of what many people would call "Hardcore Projects" being developed by Microsoft First Party Studios:

* 343 Studios - Halo 5 and another [probably halo related] project (they have two teams)
* Connected Experiences - Unannounced large scale multiplayer title
* MS LA - Unannounced new IP "cinematic title"
* MS Redmond - Overseeing and Co-Developing "multiple projects"
* Platform Next Studios - Unannounced New IP
*Skybox Sports - Unannounced Sports title (New IP? Don't think MS have done a sports game before??)
* Turn 10 - Now a two team studio. One is Forza 5 and another unannounced title (PGR5?)
* Twisted Pixel - Unannounced title
* Lionhead - Unannounced new IP. Thought to be an MMO project.
* Lift London - "multiple unannounced cloud based games"
* Press Play - Unannounced Project
* Black Tusk - "multiple unannounced new IPs"
* MS Victoria - Unannounced Project

Now here are MS Casual/Family/Kinect Studios:

* BigPark - ???
* Xbox Live Productions - ???
* Playful Learning - "Next Generation Family Project"
* MS Soho - ???
* MS Mobile - ???
* Good Science Studio - ???
* Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment - "Next Generation fitness project"
* Rare - Allegedly now a 3 team studio

I can't be bothered to link because people would disagree and too naive to believe it anyway.

But anybody who thinks MS will have no games is in for a huge surprise.

kreate2078d ago

Ms doesn't need high budget exclusive titles. It will sell regardless. The 360 has proven this in America.

They don't have to change anything. Halo and gears is all they need.

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-Falaut-2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Fo realz internet gangsta?

BuLLDoG9092078d ago

good one, you should be a standup comedian

user39158002078d ago

I only see MS reveal in march if ps4 is revealed in feb. I see both PS4 AND 720 a real close match with same cpu and similar ram, it will come down to preference and option with the system, I think MS will have more extra stuff included like illumiroom, better live, skype, windows8 os, better apps and a whole lot more internet advantage, but PS4 more likely to have more first party. Third party support will be equally distributed with minimal diference at best. PS4 and 720 will rock and wii-u will have the support of less casuals but lack of third party support again.

darx2078d ago

That is the thing with Windows 8. It will allow for more cross platform gaming for the developers who put forth the effort. It looks like that may be the way gaming is going, we'll see. Steambox to an extent and a lesser extent the OUYA also will allow for cross platform gaming.

GalacticEmpire2078d ago

The thing is, with win 8 taking up so much of 'nextbox' CPU (rumored 2 cores) and RAM (rumored 2GB) it may mean that apps run better but at a huge cost to game performance.

Personally, I'm agaisnt this.

bicfitness2078d ago

PS4 supposedly has a faster GPU and RAM. All the speculation on Neogaf so far (which has been startlingly correct) has the PS4 pegged as noticeably better, performance wise, than the Durango. MS is going for a large OS with multiple social features and Kinect support. That is their focus.

1upgamer992078d ago

I for one will not buying Nextbox, and just because it is going to be powerful does not make up for the fact that Sony and Nintendo have the IPs. The past 2 years Sony has been catching up to the Xbox in sales that is for sure. Halo has been done to death, Gears of War is pretty cool, but not going to make or break me if I don't have it. So I for one will be chillaxin playing Wii U online FREE and see what Sony has up is sleeve this E3.

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MultiConsoleGamer2079d ago

I think it's pretty foolish to think that there are only two players in the market, and that one must always respond to the other.

LackTrue4K2079d ago

i have a question,
"what dose MS have this year, any games coming up???"
if nothing, i have no doubt, there gana announce there next console within this year.

1upgamer992078d ago

Uh, yeah they are announcing a new console this year.

rbailey2078d ago

Microsoft will be fine with whatever happens at this point. If you remember, they started a countdown to E3 on Major Nelson's blog only a few days into 2013. That got alot of people talking and likewise this will continue long after Sony makes their announcement. Obviously anyone can guess that new consoles will be further detailed at E3 2013. Microsoft has no exclusives aside from Halo and a handful of Xbox Live arcade titles so in my mind they def releasing the next xbox this year. As for PlayStation and that Feb 20th date, anything less then an actual PS4 reveal would singlehandedly be one of the worst moves Sony could ever make in the entire studio's history.

Cocozero2078d ago

Sony is foolish to announce the PS4 so early because we likely wont hear about it again till E3 and if MS announces the 720 the any PS4 new will be overshadowed

kneon2078d ago

Assuming the Feb 20th event is even about the PS4, which is not at all guaranteed, there is nothing foolish about it.

The last few E3's Sony has announced/leaked info for months before E3. That had the effect of having Sony constantly in the gaming news leading up to E3. And it seems to be working yet again given what the front page of N4G looks like most days lately.

It's a pretty good strategy. Just like at every other conference only the biggest announcements get noticed while everything else gets lost in the noise. This approach ensures they get more overall coverage in the press than if they just announced everything at E3.

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